History of Online Bingo

The game of bingo has been attracting millions of players for years with its great social experience and engaging mode of play. The online version of the game didn't come into existence until 1996 with "Bingo Zone." "Bingo Zone" had members provide some personal information before playing and the information would be used to send targeted adverts to the players.

Early pioneers of the online bingo craze included Uproar, an online bingo company that launched their version, Bingo Blitz, in early 1999. Since then, the internet has seen a proliferation of bingo websites, with each offering features and bonuses that seem to attract players by the dozens. Multiplayer bingo rooms soon followed and players were now able to compete against each other from different parts of the world. The Internet has certainly helped to make bingo popular and the trend doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

To play online bingo, websites require players to register their information, as well as make a small deposit to their online bingo account. There are also several bingo websites that do not require players to front large sums of money in order to win. Experienced players will choose to fund an account in order to increase their chances of taking home the jackpot. For players that simply want the experience, some bingo websites offer the ability to play without gambling, although many of these do not offer prizes or a real jackpot.

Bingo is more popular in most European and Western countries, with the predominant group being females aged between 20 and 30 years. This, however, has not hampered people of all ages from playing, as long as they are within the legal age bracket. To increase the number of new players, and encourage existing ones to come back, bingo websites offer a wide range of bonuses. Some websites will match the initial deposit, while others will offer bonuses along with winnings. Regardless of the type, these bonuses have been a huge hit. This is the stark difference between online bingo play and the traditional bingo halls.

Another important difference between traditional and online bingo is the social element. The ability to talk and interact with new players is the most distinguishing feature, and this has certainly helped to popularize the game. Some traditional bingo halls frowned upon and even prohibited players from talking amongst themselves, viewing it as a distraction and making it difficult to move any games forward. But making new friends is beneficial to new players, as they get to learn from others and share their knowledge. Sharing experiences with other players makes the game more fun and, with every win or loss, bonds and relationships are strengthened.

Bingo once held the reputation of being boring and was linked with older individuals. Now, however, because of the internet's influence, bingo is viewed as a hip, sexy craze. There is now a young cult following within the world of bingo, and the negative connotations are now a thing of the past. Wayden Enciso is an online bingo player who regularly writes articles for the Free Online Bingo Games blog.

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