Tips to Play Bingo and be a Winner

Playing Bingo online is easy and fun. Here are some tips on how to play, stay safe, and enjoy your online bingo experience.

Bingo tips
First, you’ll need a computer, tablet, or internet-enabled phone to play online bingo – and obviously a high-speed internet connection. The online bingo tips below should help you get the most from playing bingo online – and avoid potential pitfalls.

Bingo safety
A lot of people think the internet is a place where hackers are lurking at every site, ready to steal personal information or download a virus onto your device, but playing online bingo doesn’t need to be a risky affair – if you just follow some simple guidelines and use some common sense.  

Bingo sites
The majority of bingo sites are legitimate, and many are run by big name brands. However, there are Description: ID-100207062.jpgalso a minority of sites which are somewhat dubious and should be avoided completely. Here’s where a bit of good old common sense comes into play. If you’re going to play bingo for free on a site, you’ll normally be asked for a valid email address and a username. Do not use your personal e-mail address which you use for other financial transaction, such as banking or the like. If necessary, create a new e-mail account just for the purpose of playing bingo. And don’t select a username which identifies you personally in any way (don’t use your first name or surname). Also, choose a hard to guess password, and do not give it to anyone else. Not even someone who claims to be a representative of the bingo site in question. Check to see if the site is regulated in the EU, and if it provides a TOC and Privacy Policy.

Bingo review sites also provide good information and feedback on popular bingo sites. So if you’re planning on using your credit or debit card on a pay-to-play bingo site; the ones that normally offer substantial cash prizes – make sure you’re happy that it’s legit first before giving any personal financial details.

Online playing strategy
Here are a couple of tips to play smarter online bingo. Some players find that the numbers called appear erratically and not at a steady pace; this could be caused by a slow internet connection or possibly having too many apps open at the same time on your computer or tablet. Some bingo sites also incorporate an auto-checking feature which allows you to see which numbers have been called, if you think you may have missed a number at any time. Check to see if the site you’re playing on has this feature.

Be wary of creating a 'false bingo' by clicking the 'bingo button' until you’ve verified that you have all the numbers that were called – in the right format – as overuse of this button by players can cause the game to slow down for all players, and if you do it too often – you may well be penalized.

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