500 From the Halls Bingo on the Internet

Among the various testimonies, there are indications that the game already existed in Italy in the 500, with the name “Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italian”. When the game was introduced in the United States, where the Bingo has the same importance as in Sweden, the game was baptized with the name of “Beano”. The name did not, however, long-lived and quickly took its present name Bingo, according to the myth that a player mistakenly said simply Bingo after filling its ranks.

Although the online Bingo is a fairly recent phenomenon, experts argue that this form of the game has acquired a new vitalità.Il reason lies in the presence of the gambling market of women. By tradition, the established forms of gambling in recent years for Poker, Casino and Betting focused on a male audience. The bingo however, is known to be more common among women, and according to research, 90 percent of online gamers is constituted precisely by a female audience.

Bingo online is developed

Although the online bingo has only existed for a short time, this phenomenon is already an industry with around a billion, and the growth curve is always upward. Especially in nations par excellence related to bingo, namely the United States, Canada and Sweden. But the market is growing shipped, especially in Europe. Japan is another example of how the online bingo has made ​​strong progress. Actually, online bingo has many differences from the common traditional bingo. The most obvious difference is of course that the game is virtual, but just like in the traditional game, you can – with chat – talk to your fellow players, experience the thrill and chills of abstractions and follow the game to understand what will be the compass that will be removed soon after. Whether online bingo talk to a lot of the younger generation is not particularly strange, and for this online bingo also offers many other games to play while waiting for all the numbers of its Bingo finish. The pace is fast and there are many and different game variations to choose from. The chat tool has also allowed bingo halls to have the function of socialization places where they can meet virtually.

The different forms of gambling

With the passage of time, of course, have developed various forms of the game. If you visit today one of the leading bingo sites will find that the range and variations to choose from are endless. For example, it can play bingo where classic takes a folder of 25 numbers and wins if he hits the five numbers in a row. The line can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. You can also choose the variant version of bingo, pattern bingo or someone else of whimsical forms of the game.

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