Best Bingo

Best Bingo belongs to the network of bingo IBN – International Bingo Network – and offers a very pleasant and easy to use. Best Bingo is a bingo hall with a personal touch, offering a variety of pleasant and offers not only the traditional form of bonuses, but also as special prizes. For example, it can win a “makeover” or a manicure set.

What the Best Bingo ask especially to women is clear enough, but on the other hand is now known that the majority have online bingo players is made just for women. Even the layout, elegant and harmonious, underlines this trend.
Best Bingo is owned by St Minver Lts, which is registered in Gibraltar. The software is distributed by Parlay Entertainment. Best Bingo is available in three languages, Swedish, Norwegian and English, and is an active player on the market of bingo, mainly due to the obvious efforts to ensure that the main attention is focused on the players. She plays directly with your internet browser and to play with Best Bingo does not need to download any client.

Best Bingo is a site for you that is looking for a bingo hall that is at once personal, elegant and educational. Best Bingo has invested heavily on ease of use, which is especially noticeable in the information reported on the various functions of the website. In fact, this is not only about the different versions of bingo, but also the information found in the lobby, as well as promotions and games organized side. With Best Bingo does not have to look for an answer to what you’re looking for: just contact our customer service.

As already mentioned the bonuses are good and Best Bingo organizes various promotions both on a weekly basis than monthly. As the first episode, for example, receive a 100% up to 1250 crowns. There are also several interesting jackpot, unique variations like 10-Ores bingo (bingo from 10 cents) or blixtbingo (bingo flash) and special offers available directly in the chat. Additionally, you must make sure not to miss the forum section, where it can read the interviews with the winners or take a look at the gallery of the players.

Best Bingo does not have many flaws, because the site is professional, stable and secure. However, it may be a defect in the fact that the site talk way too obvious for a female audience. This of course is not at all strange if you think that women are also more representative of the public online bingo players, but for the same reason the male players may choose other alternatives.

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