Bingo Day

Important message: November 15, 2010, Bingo Day Will shutdown all their bingo halls and it is here then it is no longer possible to play bingo at Bingo Day

Bingo Day is a brand new gaming site of the same company that operates Titan Poker and Europa Casino. In addition, the company has a good experience on what the player wants to have and how to make available good quality and enjoyment of the game. Bingo Day uses software company Playtech, which ensures a very high quality for the customer.

Playtech is a very respected company that always puts its products in the field of play to serve customers better.
Bingo Day can find a lot of different games to choose from. There are both urns from 75 from 90 balls, and when he plays also receive loyalty points, which can later redeem for cash themselves. Of course, the jackpots are offered really good and high premiums for all games. Bingo Day has focused its efforts to give back a lot to the players. For example, receives up to 100% in bonuses to its first episode, plus 50% bonus for its subsequent episodes. If you are using a different method of betting by credit card, earn an additional 10% more, and by the Bingo Day is also a bonus for the time in which he plays. In addition to Bingo, can also be found here Heno, Video Poker and Slots.

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