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Profile of the Online Bingo Player

“There was a farmer had a dog…” You know the rest.

For most of us, our first encounter with Bingo is as a farmer’s dog. Bingo’s legacy as a children’s campfire song is undeniable.

As we grew up, so did that dog. Bingo mutated from a song to a game. Five column cards filled with random numbers became the essential game of chance. That dog’s name became a shout of victory, filled with the joy and satisfaction of beating the odds.

For several decades, bingo was played in large halls, where hundreds of people played on game cards of cheap cardboard, hoping for the big score. Over the past decade, the game that owns the name of a farmer’s dog has made the jump from the VFW to the WWW. Bingo as a song is still tailor-made for young kids at the campfire, but the game has changed with the times and moved online.

Bingo has always been one of America’s hidden pastimes. According to IGWB, an estimated 1.6 billion people attended bingo halls across the country in 2003. To put things in perspective, that staggering attendance number is almost more than the amount of people who attended movie theaters and bowling alleys, combined.

Over the past four years, the number of bingo sites on the internet has increased twenty-one fold, from five in 1999 to 105 in 2003. Free bingo sites definitely seem to be the most popular place to get a game going. According to, over 45% of bingo sites are free play only. Around 70% of all online bingo sites are either totally free to play, or mostly free with a few premium, pay-to-play games.

Online bingo shows overwhelming popularity here in the States. According to, 90% of online bingo players who use free play sites are North American.

Eighty percent of those who played free, online bingo last year were female, according to Surprisingly, the average age of an online bingo player (male or female) was 41, with over 80 percent of those players being between the ages of 25 and 55. Somewhat more surprising is the low percentage of players over 65. Traditionally, bingo is associated with senior citizens who spend their twilight years hoping for the jackpot. However, found that only two percent of free, online bingo gamers are over the age of 65.

While grandma still finds her way to the hall to get her game on, mom is sitting at home dialing-up to find her game. estimates that over 85% of online bingo gamers access their games from home, and over 50% play every day.

One major reason mom is addicted to the online version of grandma’s game is because of an autoplay function many sites feature. In an autoplay game mode, players simply let the cards play the game for them. As long as the cards are purchased and a game screen is up on a computer, mom can do things around the house while games are played. Also, many webpages include ongoing chat screens in addition to their games, so online players can get the bingo hall atmosphere right from the comfort of their own home.

“Keeping active chat lines running takes up a lot of bandwidth, so we tried to create several games without it,” said Anthony Wayne, an online consultant for Curacao-based Bingo site “Each game failed miserably. Chat is very important to the success of these games.”

Before long, grandma could even be logging on for her games. If she does, as traffic trends seem to indicate, the online bingo market could soar in revenue. According to Parlay Entertainment, 70% of players in bingo halls already play online games. If 1% of remaining hall-only bingo players move to the internet in the next two years, online bingo could become a $700 million market.

Bingo Keeps Your Brain Alert

Bingo has always been one of the most popular games in the world. The fast action, large jackpots and social nature of the game attracts droves of people to UK bingo parlours everywhere. Now, with the ever-present availability of online bingo action, bingo is enjoying an even greater following than ever, especially free bingo. On the heels of this expanded participation comes a stunning announcement-bingo is good for you.

For years, some people have advocated that the sedentary nature of bingo was a cause of real concern. People who played consistently were likely to gain weight and develop a less-energetic lifestyle, thanks to the hours spent seated while paying bingo. Had that time been spent exercising or doing something more strenuous, bingo players might have improved their health, rather than impairing it.

However, a recent study of UK bingo players has determined that bingo is a beneficial exercise for the mind. It increases mental acuity and sharpness. These results are seen not just in old people, but in a wide cross-section of people who were compared to others in their own age group. Half of the participants were permitted to play bingo. The rest were not. At the end of the study, those who played improved their memory, brain activity and brain function. Those who did not play bingo did not improve during the study. An interesting point worth noting was that older people tended to outperform younger study participants in some of the tests.

Bingo sharpened the decision-making skills of the participants as well. That’s because with each game, the individual must monitor several cards and make decisions constantly. The increased use of the brain developed increased strength.

While the tests are impressive, the study doesn’t suggest that sitting and eating for hours on end is a good thing for one’s health. Indeed, the long hours of inactivity and the tension of the game can be exactly what one doesn’t need. Nothing is as effective at packing on the pounds as a daily regimen of inactivity and casual munching. To truly enjoy the positive effects of playing online bingo, it’s necessary to counter the down time with several weekly cardiovascular workouts of twenty minutes or longer. Avoiding excess snacking while playing bingo. It’s easy to take in an extra thousand calories per day through casual munching. If you have to snack, use a low calorie food, like vegetables or fruits. Nuts and salads are also better than fish and chips for keeping caloric intake down.

In the past, online bingo was assailed for being a solitary endeavour, thwarting one of the positive elements of UK bingo parlours, that being the camaraderie and fun of belonging to a group and participating in the activities of that group. Regular online players meet one another and get to know others who share their interest in free bingo. Bonding between online bingo players takes place just as it would in any UK bingo hall. Those with similar interests find one another. Online bingo offers the same opportunities to meet others and get better acquainted through chat rooms, forums and joining bingo clubs.

Of course, this study isn’t suggesting that playing bingo will transform an overweight person into a hard-body. Nor is it claiming that bingo will lower a hyper tense person’s blood pressure. The study does suggest that playing bingo benefits the mental ability of people of all ages when compared to their peers who did not play bingo. So while playing bingo isn’t as good for a body as cross-training, it’s better than sitting around watching the television. At least while playing bingo, the brain is engaged fully-thinking and reacting continuously. In fact, other games, such as solving crossword puzzles, have shown similar benefits as bingo.

While a doctor may not specifically prescribe free bingo as a cure-all for physical ailments, the good that comes from regular exercise of any muscle is beneficial, including the brain. The more often it is challenged later in life, the longer and better it will perform. The results of the study indicate that bingo can be used pro actively to keep the brain sharp when heading into middle age or as an aid to clearing the fog of our later years.

General Information About Online Bingo

Before you start playing bingo online, make sure you understand the rules of bingo halls. To do this, read the conditions on site of bingo hall. When you successfully register on the bingo site you will see a screen to play bingo. This will be a screen play for the U.S. for 75 bingo balls or a screen to play UK bingo for 90 balls. If the game is being played right now, you will have to wait until it is finished, before stepping into the next game. However, you can already buy the card. Please note that on the screen of the game there is time counter that counts the time to start the next game bingo. So, first you have to buy cards for the game. Cards can be purchased for one game. You can buy cards for the next few games.

On-screen of bingo hall there is a list of games and time to start the next game. Select a game and buy tickets for it. At one particular time will start playing bingo and you will wait for the balls that fall out in the game. Your cards can be seen in the overview screen or in a big screen in the middle of the room. The goal of the game: on one of your cards should be winning bingo pattern which is shown on the screen. Balls in game fall out every few seconds until one player will reach bingo. If a player does it within a set number of balls (from Jackpot), he wins the jackpot. If the score of jackpot is exceeded by the time – bingo is reached, the player’s victory will only be a prize. After the game, there is a pause. Next game starts in a given time. Time of the next game is displayed on the screen.

Advantages of online bingo: no doubt, live bingo – it is nothing irreplaceable entourage of the game: shouts of numbers by bingo caller, the rustling of candy wrappers, wheezing of your neighbor over your ear, the creaking of the marker on the card and the cry of the lucky “Bingo”. But we assure you that playing bingo on the internet you will receive not less fun, and even feel some advantages. First, you can not to sit at the computer screen waiting for the balls. Buy tickets and go have some tea. Program of bingo hall itself notes dropping balls in your bingo card. Secondly, you have the ability to simultaneously play other games of online bingo hall. It could be slot machines and video poker, roulette, and card games.

It depends on what mini-game provides software in this hall bingo. Thirdly, an integral part of any interactive bingo games – chat. This allows players to communicate with the owners of the site bingo and other players. In chat rooms there may be your own games, which can complement other bingo game by prizes or awards. Fourthly, in online bingo you can play in several rooms. This allows players to participate in several games in one and the same time. You can also play bingo for 75 balls and bingo for 90 balls. Typically, bingo halls are non-stop. Each bingo hall has its own unique name, and may also have its additional prizes and awards.

3 Online Bingo Reviewed

Playing bingo is a great way to spend some time for clean fun. Not only that, with bingo, you are able to earn money as well that no other pastime could equal. There are a lot of UK Online Bingo out there that caters to every fancy you have. In this article we will review three of the popular UK Online Bingo participated by many today. They are Virgin Bingo, Gone Bingo and Wink Bingo.

The first one, Virgin Bingo boasts of 10 bingo rooms where you can play a variety of bingo games that is for everyone like 90 ball, 80 ball or even the 75 ball. What is more, a visitor can also play the favorite Deal or No Deal game which has captured many a client’s eye. New players are treated to a host of features that is not usually found in other UK online bingo,like chat facilities and free daily scratch card. Each prize is not to be scoffed at where the jackpot can go as high as £10000 for coveralls. Even the weekly games are a lot of fun to participate. Such weekly games like bingo tourneys, penny bingo are a fan favorite. For those who are too afraid to put a hole in their pocket there is a game called no-lose bingo where the player gets his money back if you lose! Isn’t that a blast? With cards that are only 10p each, playing at Virgin Bingo has become popular and widespread.

The next UK online bingo is Wink Bingo. At Wink Bingo you are in for the most popular and biggest online bingo site. It is not surprising to know why it has garnered the attention of many. Playing at Wink Bingo is fun, user friendly and most of all has a lot to offer for new signups as well as for loyal customers. A new player will be given a welcome bonus and the ability to play the Spin The Wheel game for a small deposit of £10 or over. This game will give you a chance to take home £15 and £1000 just by being a first time user! At Wink bingo, the user interface is very easy to use and there are no complicated buttons or instructions. It uses the Globalcom platform to ensure that you get games that are topnotch in quality and value.

Each CM is friendly and is glad to help you with your queries anytime. You will never feel like a stranger at Wink bingo. This UK online bingo offers the best and most sought after feature called the team bingo. Here you are given boatloads of bingo bonus points so that the more you play, the more points you get for the your team and the more friends you accumulate. If that does not entice you, there is also something for loyal customers. Each loyal member gets a 10% cashback week after week for the losses you may have incurred from the deposits you have made for that week. Furthermore, every time you buy cards or play bingo or even just inviting your friends at Wink bingo you gain points instantly as part of their loyalty scheme.

As they say, the last is not always the least. Gone Bingo certain fits the bill. It is a UK online bingo which has won the New Site of Year for 2007. In 2008 alone it was able to give away almost £700K for its patrons! That is clearly a great way to treat your customers in our book. The vast collection of games at Gone bingo means that they have everything for every player out there. There is 90 ball, 80 ball,75 ball and 30 ball bingo. Moreover, the 3-reel and 5-reel slots have taken the fancy of many. Most bingo rooms are full at any given day and that means you can make a lot of friends along the way. The Chat masters are professional and ready to attend to you at any time. Most importantly this UK online bingo has a customer support 24/7 all year round so that you know you are in safe hands. There you go three of the most popular UK online bingo sites out there. Each one has the word FUN spelled out for its customers.