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Slot machines where it counts the skill

The slot games are games of luck, but there are some versions where the player’s skill has an impact.

Almost all slot machines are built to be pure games of chance. The player usually has no control over the rollers, can not know when it will stop, and the same goes of course for the operators. There is a RNG – Random Number Generator or RNG – that determines the results and odds are the same at every turn.

However, there are some slot machines, very few actually, incorporating elements of skill. How Centipede , Blood Life Legends and Tully’s Treasure Hunt of International Game Technology , or as Bejeweled and Zuma GTECH , games in which a skilled player will be able to increase your chances of winning than poor.


Many of the slot machines in the field believe that the proportion between games of skill and games of chance will grow in favor of the former, As the generations born on Playstation , Xbox and Wii will reach the legal age to gamble. These are players who have not yet obviously an impact on the casino, but the future may want to push the creators of the games to change the trend.

For the moment, developers rely on a kind of hybrid between games of skill and games of chance. Some call them games of skill perceived, while others prefer more direct terms such as ‘illusion of skill’ or ‘game-like d’abilità’. The idea is to have the player the feeling of being able to affect the results, even if the end does all the aforementioned Random Number Generator.

For example Skee Ball (Bally Technologies), which was introduced in casinos in 2012. During the bonus, the screen turns into a sort of arcade game where the player must tap and drag the ball to stop by in the various circles: the more the small circle in which stops the ball, the more points you earn.

If the points accumulated during this phase were transformed directly into credits, we’d be talking about a game of skill, since they serve alertness, speed and precision in execution. In fact, the points earned are transformed into virtual ticket, which in turn can make win prizes but they are always determined by the fateful Random Number Generator.

Another game like this is Paradise Fishing , where the player is struggling with some kind of fishing competition in which you must catch the biggest fish. The user actually controls the line and reel, but in reality it is once again the RNG to determine which fish will be caught and even what your going to catch the hook.

As mentioned, even the perceived skill games are a minority in the field of slot machines, although now all operators will offer at least one or two to their customers. However for the moment these games are in greater number than those of pure skill. At least until the next generation of players will they put the controller and pad in the drawer …

The 10 most amazing follies in the history of casino

There are those who played all the money at roulette, who became a millionaire at blackjack (and then lose it all), and even those who have made the breast implant!

Would you try never to bet your life savings on a single spin of the wheel? You’d implant a prosthesis in order to win a bet? Would you be willing to challenge a boxer in the ring for a reward equal to 15 times the amount bet? Probably not, but there is someone who really did.

Here you are the 10 most amazing stories that relate to casinos and gambling in general:

1 – Ashley Revell does double-up

Ashley Revell sold everything he owned, he scraped together a total of $ 126,000 and flew to Las Vegas to bet it all on roulette: a single shot to double its assets or going broke. And he won. This is not a plot of a movie, but it happened for real!


2 – “I play the wife!”

Sometimes poker games can take a turn really exaggerated. Ask for confirmation to Andrei Korpov , Russian player not just strong but not even kissed by luck. One day you sit at a poker table and starts to lose: first the money, then the car, then the gold watch, then a bottle of fine vodka. At that point, anyone would have surrendered, not him, so he proposed to Sergey Bordov , his opponent, to accept his wife to bet. You can imagine how it ended up … That’s right, with great dignity Tatiana is gone with Bordov. But when Korpov has returned to claim her, a couple of days later, the woman refused to go home!

3 – Point all the dice

We are in the eighties, when William Bergstrom ran into one of those evenings that seem magical. He sits down at the craps table, begins to grind money and comes to win the beauty of $ 777,000 . Bergstrom, however, make a common mistake among gamblers: it stops. Here begins his descent, until they lose everything. Moral of the story: Better an egg today than a hen tomorrow, especially if the chicken is gone.

4 – The breast implants

Despite earning $ 100,000 , in 1996, agreed to undergo a surgery ‘growing bilateral mastoplastico’. Virtually draws the breast, in fact. Only we’re not talking about a woman, but Brian Zembic , a Canadian professional gambler, a lover of poker, blackjack, backgammon and apparently betting odd: they had proposed to make breasts grow and keep it for a year, and he really did!


5 – The memory of Stu Ungar

Stu Ungar is considered as one of the most talented poker players ever seen, and man of extraordinary memory. It appears that the blackjack rules have changed because of him, because he was able to count cards like no other in the world. In 1997, Bob Stupak challenged him to count all six decks of cards during a game. Well, Ungar is recalled all 156 cards drawn and won $ 100,000 .

6 – ‘The Buried Life’

The four young stars of ‘ The Buried Life ‘, a program of MTV , they attempted to become millionaires going to Vegas and betting $ 125,000 at roulette. Won the first round, but did not stop and decided to continue. Unfortunately for them if they have returned home with empty-handed.

7 – John Hennigan and fever of Las Vegas

John Hennigan is a very well-known among the high roller gambler in Las Vegas. Lover of cards and casino, there is no other place in the world where you feel more at ease than in Sin City. His friends know this and that is why they have bet $ 100,000 that would not resist to live in Des Moines , Iowa, for six weeks. Hennigan has accepted … but after two days he returned to Las Vegas .

8 – Johnny Moss and boxing

Johnny Moss was one of the pioneers of poker Texas Hold’em , but like many of his colleagues also loved the bets. One day, his friends proposed to enter the ring against a guy who claimed to have never lost a boxing match. Moss agrees, tries to hit his opponent, but ends up in the hospital against his will with broken bones. Regrets? ” Absolutely not – Moss told at the time – I certainly could not not accept a bet which I won thanks to 15 times the stake! “.

9 – From rags to riches … and back

This is perhaps the most famous of stories involving blackjack. It is said that a man had remained in green: his wife had left him, he had been kicked out of the house and had only $ 400 of the social. He decided to go to the casino and groped their luck at blackjack. The Lady Luck decided to reward him, saw that the man even managed to win 1 million dollars! Unfortunately for him, the hunger for money rubbed him: he did not stop playing, but began to lose and he found himself back to the green completametne.

10 – Who will win the Super Bowl?

Bob Stupak has also lost $ 100,000 against Stu Ungar , but remade widely when he entered the history of sports betting to win a million dollars betting on the twenty-third edition of the Super Bowl . The Cincinnati Bengals were strafavoriti and no one believed in the victory of the San Francisco 49ers. No one but Stupak, who gambled and saw the 49ers triumph general disbelief.

Travel to Las Vegas: The Definitive Guide

Going to Las Vegas today, not just gambling and casino games: there is a whole world to see and discover.

Once upon a time in Las Vegas , the Sin City , known as the Mecca of Gambling. There was and still is, for charity, although now that the name should be a little tight.

And not just because of these times is Macau to have become the new hub of gambling. Above all, Las Vegas has transformed itself over the years, becoming an ideal destination not only for lovers of the game and the excitement, but also for lovers and for families with children.
Here is spoiled for choice. The casinos are the most luxurious of course on the Strip, the main and most popular in Las Vegas. Staying at the Bellagio or the Venetian coast certainly not cheap, even if you actually hotel rooms in Sin City are cheaper than elsewhere, with the same quality and stars. A good compromise may be the MGM Grand, which is right at the beginning of the Strip and that costs a little ‘less of the aforementioned Bellagio and Venetian , but it has little to envy. Do not underestimate the everlasting Caesars Palace , the Luxor , the Wynn and Mandalay Bay .

If you prefer to stay on smaller numbers, the Renaissance Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Platinum are what it does for you: it’s cheap, the hotels are clean, but forget about the movement because they are not very close to the Strip. In general, the hotel away from the center of Las Vegas among other things, do not have a casino, or they have one rather small.
Too easy to cite the casinos and strip clubs: know them all. But in Las Vegas you can do much more than play and admire the ‘girlie’. Shopping, for example, has become one of the main activities: all the most famous hotel-casinos provide an area for shopping, where you can find everything and more. Otherwise there are two large shopping centers, located at the ends of the Strip, full of shops selling clothes, souvenirs, electronics and so on and so forth.

In Las Vegas, among other things, has been recently built the tallest Ferris wheel in the world. It’s called High Roller and was hoisted in front of Caesars Palace: 167.6 meters high, 2.7 more than the Singapore Flyer (the now former tallest Ferris wheel in the world) and even 30 more than the London Eye . If you love numbers and cabal, we also recommend reading this article on the numbers luckiest casino .


Even at the level of entertainment and music, Las Vegas is now a very popular destination. From the show of David Copperfield at the concerts of the world’s favorite pop star ( Britney Spears , for example, will be the main attraction for the end of 2014), not to mention sporting events like boxing matches or wrestling.

The inevitable visit to the fountains of the Bellagio, a spectacle of 1,200 fountains and 4,700 lights. By the way, if you have $ 250,000 to ‘throw’ – it’s appropriate to say it – you will have the honor of button mashing to kick off the show of the Bellagio fountains, even outside of normal business hours.
Inevitably, though, when someone mentions Las Vegas in our heads appear images of casinos, roulette, blackjack, slot machines and so on and so forth. On the other hand, the Sin City is no longer the center of the gambling world, but it certainly remains of America: in 2013, the gambling halls of Nevada have created a turnover of $ 6.5 billion, more than double the second biggest market of the USA , to Atlantic City .

Las Vegas, ultimately, is the Land of Toys . Although sometimes even in those parts run into some flop, despite the experience that can boast in the casino market. Such as Noir Card of ‘ MGM Grand , a card targeted at players spenders but adds little or nothing to what the high rollers can already find elsewhere. The Noir Card, in fact, offers services obsolete type transfer via limousine to and from the airport (the legendary McCarran ) – what they do even strip clubs – or restaurant reservations, accommodation and free shows: all bonuses seen in many other casinos.

Poker and social networks, a winning combination?

We are all becoming more social. Of course, even the world of green tables is not far behind.

From amateurs to professional players, the poker community is definitely part on the two most popular social networks and popular in the world: let’s talk about Facebook , which has just celebrated its tenth birthday and Twitter , whose tweets are becoming daily more and more fashion frequently.

For large poker, as well as any other sport, having a profile is now virtually a must. Words, phrases, thoughts, comments on wins, new fans and a growing number of followers: a simple post or tweet, and in a few clicks you’re done, the popularity increases and everything becomes available to everyone. Many are the players that even during the major poker tournaments worldwide, including all the WSOP , thanks to social networks update the results in real time and keep fans informed on their performance, with lots of moods included.

But social networks are not roses without thorns: It is important to learn to manage your own virtual image, and not to abuse the ability to comment on anything. It happens almost every day, for example, against journalists and bloggers are flung by poker players, accusations of impartiality; or again, it often happens that you prefer to “wash their dirty linen” on the web rather than within their team membership. Often with unpleasant consequences, controversy and resentment.

But in addition to the two most popular social networks and platforms are dedicated exclusively to poker, where more that professional players can find space enthusiasts and amateur players?

The answer, as you might guess, is yes.

And so Faces Poker , Italian platform created for lovers of sports poker and gaming. As with any social network that respects, there is the possibility to create your own profile, share photos and videos, create groups and thematic blogs, play games, stay up to date on tournaments at the green tables and see them sitting comfortably on the couch at home thanks to the service “live streaming”. And there is even the interaction with Facebook and Twitter .

Another platform is dedicated Family Pot , in which fans of online poker can find bread for their teeth: gaming community, information on where to play, news, tournaments and ongoing curiosity about poker to 360 degrees.

We then acebook , another social network which gives the opportunity to share information about the game, make new friends, to follow the events live and buy tickets to attend a live production of the big tournaments.

We have only mentioned a few of the social network of Italian-born poker in recent years, but of course it is a world wide, even looking “beyond the border”. Faced with this proliferation of networks and online communities, all of us – certainly not just poker players – we must learn to manage the virtual world and not to replace the web in “real life.”

Play Bingo on the Internet

Playing bingo has long been a fun entertainment, not least with the famous Bingolotto program on TV4. As a result of the constant development of the internet, and not least, the industry of online gaming and betting, were created plenty of opportunities to play on the internet bingo. Through several sites that specialize in online games today are offered many opportunities to use a digital level the wildly popular game of bingo.

How to Play Bingo on the Internet

In itself, the game is exactly the same which is played in the television program Saturday or Sunday evening. She buys the amount of folders that prefers and expects the numbers to be extracted and selected. The difference is that she stays in front of the PC screen and to proceed through the purchase of the folders that the money transferred to his account open on the website where you registered to play. No longer has to go to the store to buy folders: When you talk about bingo on the internet all the procedures incidental take place via the Internet. Several Internet sites offer so-called bonus, ie a percentage that is added to the sum of money she adds on your casino account. Playing bingo on the internet allows you to get a more advanced help. Sometimes the answers to his questions come very easily thanks to customer support, or chat, but you can also get help for the single player game.In addition, you can use a feature called automatic selection. This means that the game program helps to select the folder on his numbers are extracted. A function that can be very useful when playing on the internet with many folders. course is for the option to manually select the numbers on his folders. The system is designed so that even if she were to lose a number on some folder, the system is able to detect a possible win and give it the win even though she has not marked the number on his folder.

Playing bingo on the internet is more than just a game

Most of the sites offer bingo games That diner Chat Rooms that make it possible for you, the player, to talk with and discuss things with other players around the Most sites that offer bingo games that also have a chat allows you to talk and discuss with other players around the world. The chat also works as a customer service, where often there is a moderator who helps with advice and problems that can come up during the game on the internet. It is good to get used to using the help that is available in case of problems. It is useless groped your luck and believe to be right, when there is an expert to rely on. should not forget that it is also important to behave well when talking with other people. Profanity, racist and publicity of its activities are not absolutely things that can minimally affect his playmates.

How does the bingo halls

Are you new bingo players and you never played before? Or, play live bingo and usually you would want to try the bingo on the internet? In these cases, it is sufficient to read the following quick guides that explain how to operate the bingo halls. All core elements of the bingo hall are addressed so that the neogiocatori you do not have feelings of disorientation trying to play bingo on the internet.

Finding the right bingo hall

A bingo hall is a meeting place where you play bingo. However, you must first choose the bingo hall where you want to play on the internet. A good way to find a bingo room of this type is to read the independent reports on the internet bingo halls. In this section you can find valuable information that will help you make your own decisions more easily.

Take advantage of the free offers

The next step is to sign up to the bingo hall choice. Once you have done this, you can deepen the knowledge of the design of the bingo hall. Many online bingo halls offer for new customers or starting a small bonus in order to test the different games without betting money. In this way, you can enjoy a perfect presentation of the new online bingo halls.

The bingo card

The bingo card is obviously the central part of the bingo hall. You can buy the folders according to your preferences and you can often choose exactly which folders to play. There is nothing strange! You can buy one or more folders with your bingo account, where you can receive bonuses or deposit money. The account of bingo is often clearly visible, and you can also get an overview of transactions with a few other click.

Traceability of balls, and chat support

A third component which is also a large portion of the bingo hall intenet is the “tracking balls” with which you can view the numbers of bingo balls. The fourth and final component of an online bingo hall is made up of the chat. Thanks to the chat you can receive answers to questions (also available via the support system) by specialized moderators. These guests also organize special competitions directly into the chat. Obviously in the chat, you can also interact with those bingo players against whom you are playing. This function is often very popular among bingo players.

How to Increase Your Chance of Wining in Bingo

Usually the Bingo game is classified as a random draw and in comparison to poker on the internet, for example, the experience can be of very little help in the hunt for big jackpots.Although bingo on the internet is not a game based on experience, there are some tips that users can take advantage of to increase the frequency of your winnings. In this section we will deal with some of these tips.

Choosing the right bingo halls

First of all, being bingo players, you need to choose the bingo rooms or bingo in the hands of the number of players is not too high. How much greater is the number of players competing for the jackpot, the more difficult it will be to win; in other words it is pure and simple mathematics. We also advise you to keep in mind to go in search of the hands jackpot additional bonuses or large. Although this suggestion will not increase your chances of winning, increase your chances of eventual victory in terms of percentages.

Adapting your style of play to their financial capabilities

Play the bingo cards, which have higher costs, leading to higher winnings. Obviously this is an altered vision of the truth. You must find the right balance, especially a level that suits their personality and their own financial capabilities. You should be aware that bingo is not a game with which you can earn a living, but bingo is primarily a game for entertainment.However, odds are obviously superior to a folder that has a higher cost compared to a folder from the lower cost.

Read reports on bingo halls

Another aspect to consider when you play is to play on the internet sites that enjoy a good reputation. In this way, you can avoid those players that are not always ambiguous completely honest. A good way to get more information about the bingo halls reliable is to read the reports concerning them. In this section you can find information, background information, tips and bonuses presented by current reliable players.

Stop playing for time

Last, but not least, it is advisable to stop playing at the right time regardless of whether you are winning or losing. This is probably one important aspect to keep in mind when playing online bingo. At the same time, can also be more difficult to follow the advice. Many bingo players continue to play when you are in a winning streak, then suddenly everything is turned upside down and the victories they go up in smoke.
The same principle also applies in reverse: when you find yourself in a losing streak, it’s much better take a break and come back later to retrieve winning the losses. This principle is not always easy to follow, but it can be quite crucial in maximizing the opportunities of winning. luck with bingo.

Internet Bingo

Playing bingo online is not a common phenomenon for a long time, but with this new technology and all the different game companies involved, bingo grows apace on the internet. More and more companies choose to launch the service, since it is becoming increasingly clear the growing interest in this area. In IT companies, the availability is something that has become a marketing concept, and Bingo on the internet is no exception.You have to simply log on to a site that offers the game, and open an account. After transferring the money, can begin to play and, hopefully, also to win money.

How does the bingo on the internet?

Playing bingo on the internet has different costs depending on the location chosen. The companies also sometimes have the betting bonus, which help them earn more money on your account, and for this reason it is advisable to read the site rules before you start playing. Bingo on the internet does not develop like that “in reality”. She buys the amount of cards you want to play, and begins. You can choose to automatically select his numbers immediately after extraction, ie, the system selects the boxes in place. If you choose the manual selection, must not have the anxiety of losing something, because the system keeps an eye on his winnings. Quite often the system of bingo on the internet recommend other games to play at the same time, but at the beginning it would be good to stay peaceful and focus on the game he is doing, if only to understand how it all goes. When do you think you have taken the necessary familiarity with the game, can begin to play internet bingo at a level a little ‘more advanced. This involves, for example, the fact of playing with many players, and sometimes participate in tournaments. It is important to know that the more participants, the lower the possibility of bingo. To this should take multiple folders, as most folders imply a greater chance of winning.

Talk to other people of the internet bingo

At the same time the game has the chance to talk with other players. And that’s part of the fun of bingo on the internet. Talk is part of the game and so you can find a good company.The chat almost always includes the so-called experts bingo, to ask and receive that advice.Usually we recognize the initials CM. The letters stand for Chatmästare (Admin Chat). Pay attention to the behavior in the chat, to avoid being kicked in the event that did not follow the common sense rules and etiquette of the network. For example, do not make complaints, do not use profanity, and do not face unnecessary criticism that do not belong to the chat.


500 From the Halls Bingo on the Internet

Among the various testimonies, there are indications that the game already existed in Italy in the 500, with the name “Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italian”. When the game was introduced in the United States, where the Bingo has the same importance as in Sweden, the game was baptized with the name of “Beano”. The name did not, however, long-lived and quickly took its present name Bingo, according to the myth that a player mistakenly said simply Bingo after filling its ranks.

Although the online Bingo is a fairly recent phenomenon, experts argue that this form of the game has acquired a new vitalità.Il reason lies in the presence of the gambling market of women. By tradition, the established forms of gambling in recent years for Poker, Casino and Betting focused on a male audience. The bingo however, is known to be more common among women, and according to research, 90 percent of online gamers is constituted precisely by a female audience.

Bingo online is developed

Although the online bingo has only existed for a short time, this phenomenon is already an industry with around a billion, and the growth curve is always upward. Especially in nations par excellence related to bingo, namely the United States, Canada and Sweden. But the market is growing shipped, especially in Europe. Japan is another example of how the online bingo has made ​​strong progress. Actually, online bingo has many differences from the common traditional bingo. The most obvious difference is of course that the game is virtual, but just like in the traditional game, you can – with chat – talk to your fellow players, experience the thrill and chills of abstractions and follow the game to understand what will be the compass that will be removed soon after. Whether online bingo talk to a lot of the younger generation is not particularly strange, and for this online bingo also offers many other games to play while waiting for all the numbers of its Bingo finish. The pace is fast and there are many and different game variations to choose from. The chat tool has also allowed bingo halls to have the function of socialization places where they can meet virtually.

The different forms of gambling

With the passage of time, of course, have developed various forms of the game. If you visit today one of the leading bingo sites will find that the range and variations to choose from are endless. For example, it can play bingo where classic takes a folder of 25 numbers and wins if he hits the five numbers in a row. The line can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. You can also choose the variant version of bingo, pattern bingo or someone else of whimsical forms of the game.

Guide of bingo

Keeping pace with the rapid development of bingo on the net, of course increase the gambling offers that are proposed as a player. You may believe with a certain simplicity that there are several variations to choose from, and of course, in part this is true. But the fact is that in reality there are only three types of bingo games, which are the basis of the different variants that are played in our part of the world, she can also be found in different casinos in Sweden, or on the internet. To facilitate your choice, we at we have prepared a guide on this game. Depending on where you are located, Bingo may differ to the nuances. In Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland will play the Bingo that many are already familiar with the name of the Scandinavian bingo. The Scandinavian bingo is mainly characterized by the fact that the folder contains 75 numbers. This form of play is very reminiscent of the North American. However, typical of the North American version is that, in contrast to what said before, the number is chosen before the start of the game. The other form of the game, which is played with 90 numbers instead of 75, plays mainly in the islands UK and Australia, and is a type of game that we will not cover in this guide, since its spread among the online bingo is quite limited. Instead, we will focus on the Scandinavian bingo.
Bingo on the Internet is having a major success and as long as the market grows, there are numerous bingo halls with numerous variants of the game. The purpose of this guide is to provide you, as a player, a picture of the types of games that exist, particularly in order to help you find the option that is best suited to you, and which allows it to take advantage of the game. If you want to learn more before you make a bet can also read our reviews on the most popular bingo halls. In the same section will also get the opinions and reflections on ease of use, and popularity on the diagram. Playing bingo on the internet is a very enjoyable hobby, and the most important thing is that you have fun and feel part of it.

The different variants it finds on the internet
Looking more closely at the theme of Scandinavian bingo, we find that it has two main variants: Classical and bingo with Bingo variant. It also follows a guy named Patter bingo (bingo with structure). We begin, however, the most important variant – the Classic Bingo.

Classic Bingo

The game of bingo is most common in the Classic Bingo. When playing this version will have to score five numbers in a row, horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Bases of bingo in other words. The table buys and plays with which contains a total of 25 different numbers between 1 and 75, and wins the hand who makes the first Bingo, that is to say that the game ends when one person, or more if Bingo is done simultaneously by more parties, or have Bingo.

Pattern Bingo

A third variant of bingo is the Pattern Bingo (bingo with particular combinations). When playing Pattern Bingo, will, depending on the structure marked on the folder, hit the predetermined numbers. The reason why the game is called Pattern Bingo is simply that the folder consists of several Pattern (ie of different structures with different combinations to center). For example can center numbers, letters, symmetrical patterns or other types of combinations. To Bingo must then center the predetermined boxes.
variant bingo
The big difference between the classical and the bingo variant bingo is that it includes five different extractions before the end of the game. Just like in the classic bingo, of bingo can be done horizontally, vertically or diagonally, but beyond that the variant bingo there are five extractions that naturally increase your chances of making a Bingo or in the same folder. To make the variant bingo Bingo has hit the numbers as follows: First round – 1 row Second round – 2 files Third round – 3 files Fourth round – 4 files Fifth round – 5 files This also means that a player can win in several rounds with the same folder.