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Bingo Online – guide to online bingo!

Welcome to Bingo Online, the website that offers information on all aspects that you need to know about bingo on the internet. In online bingo you can find reviews of the bingo halls on the internet, top lists, bingo bonus, a history of bingo, guides and articles related to bingo on the internet.

We are able to provide support for users to find the best online bingo halls. Obviously, security is an aspect of great importance when it comes to confidential information and money bets, and we take great care when selecting which bingo rooms present on the site Bingo online. welcome!

Bingo Day

Important message: November 15, 2010, Bingo Day Will shutdown all their bingo halls and it is here then it is no longer possible to play bingo at Bingo Day

Bingo Day is a brand new gaming site of the same company that operates Titan Poker and Europa Casino. In addition, the company has a good experience on what the player wants to have and how to make available good quality and enjoyment of the game. Bingo Day uses software company Playtech, which ensures a very high quality for the customer.

Playtech is a very respected company that always puts its products in the field of play to serve customers better.
Bingo Day can find a lot of different games to choose from. There are both urns from 75 from 90 balls, and when he plays also receive loyalty points, which can later redeem for cash themselves. Of course, the jackpots are offered really good and high premiums for all games. Bingo Day has focused its efforts to give back a lot to the players. For example, receives up to 100% in bonuses to its first episode, plus 50% bonus for its subsequent episodes. If you are using a different method of betting by credit card, earn an additional 10% more, and by the Bingo Day is also a bonus for the time in which he plays. In addition to Bingo, can also be found here Heno, Video Poker and Slots.

Gnuf Bingo

Gnuf is a relatively young actor on the market, after settling in poker and casino now offers even bingo network. It must be emphasized that offers a nice bingo hall. The bingo hall Gnufs looks good and is easy to use and elegant at the same time. Also the function for which for all the time the folder “best” is always visible is very good.

Gnuf is registered in Malta, and is therefore subject to Maltese law. Gnuf Bingo has a fresh look and is an attractive alternative to more established sites. Generous discounts are offered both on a weekly basis than monthly. Elvis Giveaway 3500 + Jackpott Progressive and Kolmården Zoo Giveaway are some examples of promotions that you can find on Gnuf Bingo.

For you who want to play in a Bingo hall modern, fresh and easy to use, Gnuf Bingo is a very good alternative. Gnuf Bingo is in Swedish, which of course goes in his favor. Also available are various chat games to choose from. In the chat can meet other bingo players and if not satisfied can take advantage of the community, which may contribute to the blog, discuss in the forums, or connect to specific groups. In other words, Gnuf Bingo is available over an entire section of the game of bingo itself, which concentrate.

But the bingo hall is the main reason for choosing GNUF. The section of the bill, just as the folder for the bingo, simple and clear, and the fact that you can check at any time to a folder that is closer to the “bingo”, if it is to check multiple folders, it makes the game easier.

If we direct our attention to what goes less well, well Gnuf Bingo should groped to simplify the choice of folders. Here the player would have preferred to see the folders you choose. Furthermore, it seems that the FAQ section has inexplicably still not quite complete.

Bertil Bingo

Bingo is a phenomenon that has for decades been part of the days of the Europeans. When bingo has made its entry on the network, Bertil Bingo with registration in Malta has become one of the actors who has gained success and consideration on the market. A Bertil Bingo, which by the way was started in 2006, can find most of what belongs to the world of bingo.

The folders for the classic bingo, games extra minor, plus a very pleasant chat feature where you can have something to do with his friends or make new ones.
What is BertilBingo quickly became an actor known in the market must be reconnected to their efforts to create a pleasant gaming site for those who are interested in playing Bingo in a trendy place and worth attending. The chat feature, where during the game you can converse with his fellow players, and increases the feeling of communion and is a good deterrent to sit in front of the computer more easily, a fact which of course can have pros and cons.

Considering all aspects, apart from the bingo game available on the site, BertilBingo is much more than a simple site for bingo. It is very much a meeting place where they can socialize and meet new and interesting people. Among the other can take control over its fellow bingo with the function vänner Mina (My friends) and create your profile bingo absolutely personal.

If we focus on the core of BertilBingo, the game of bingo, there are many positive elements to be taken into consideration. As already said, it’s nice to play bingo on Bertilbingo, as it has a well-developed bingo hall. Bertilbingo The best thing is that you have a good idea of your overall game. The bank section is flexible and is also easy to navigate menu that during the game you can ask for help with several questions. particularity But why go back to using Bertilbingo not only for its specific functions, but it is for the whole ‘Together: a well-integrated section of the bank, the game folder, the chat and the menu. As mentioned here is available most of what you need for those interested in the game of bingo, and that maybe she is not very practical bingo on the internet, Bertilbingo is the best place to start.

Bertilbingo is an online bingo that is really easy to use. It is also easy to play bingo on the site, and you have at your disposal all the time to have a good control of the game. At the same time it is difficult to even get used to the game, as the recording and charging of your account user procedures are very fast. A further advantage is the chat, very nice, and the function vänner Mina (My friends).

The design is quite simple and could certainly be improved, in order to make the site more attractive.

Maria Bingo

Maria Bingo is an online bingo site between those with good potential for success in the future. For this reason we invested heavily in market research on this activity and few have lost their campaign in the spring of 2008. Maria Bingo is owned by Parabol LTD who is licensed in the UK.

Maria Bingo offers bingo games since 2006. Recently Maria Bingo was acquired by Unibet so that proves to be serious in the world of bingo.
To play Bingo Maria Bingo does not need to download any client. Instead, can play directly with your web browser. For this reason, if you are a beginner it will be easy to start playing. When you register on the site earns 100 percent bonus. In other words receives 100 kroner more he is putting 100 crowns. The range of betting varies from 70 to 1500 crowns.

If you have just left a bingo site with an environment not particularly pleasant, Maria Bingo is the right place to spend your time playing bingo. Maria Bingo also offers high jackpot, which naturally attract many bingo players. There is no doubt that on Maria Bingo there are lofty goals. Unfortunately, after booting you are experiencing technical difficulties, but despite this, Maria Bingo is a popular choice among bingo players Swedish. Moreover, the fact that Unibet acquired Maria Bingo has certainly contribute to solve some of the problems which were encountered in the past. The purchase also involves a greater investment in the rest of Europe. Another reason for choosing Maria Bingo is that on the site there is much information on how you can start from beginner. Registration and money transfer is fast and when he selected his folder does not have to wait long before you can “enter” the game.
Pleasant, elegant and attractive layout that comes to force the player to use the site. It is also a good short introductions to the games offered and the function Värld Marias (The World of Mary), where a card is shows where the players. The overview on the game you are going to get is a good help for you who seeks the highest payouts and jackpots.

Maria Bingo has many advantages, but at the same time the site is a bit ‘”heavy” and “messy”, especially when you are playing. The ease of use is not right at the top, a factor that contributes to lowering the judgment. It’s as if you had the impression that the layout has got more importance to the ease of use.

Expekt Bingo

Expekt has focused on the development in the industry and has established itself as a company of sleight of hand, offering odds and bet on the network to offer even poker, casino and bingo. And it is the section Bingo Expekt growing rapidly, with a service that includes chat, chat games, side games and some with jackpots.

To play Bingo Expekt does not need to download any client. The software is distributed by Parlay Entertainment.
In the bingo hall of Expelt exudes professionalism and texture, the colors and all the setting are really attractive. In this way, play bingo on Expekt is easy. The overall picture is good and waiting to be extracted just the numbers that you need to, you can choose between different side games. The offer consists of slot machines, video poker, blackjack and keno. In addition, all the while has total control of his account and its bonuses.

If you are looking for a bingo site that is clear, structured and simple to use, Expekt is a good choice. After having established itself as one of the industry’s leading betting companies, Expekt has continued in the wake of the investments focused on the care of the users. The characteristic orange Expekt has naturally followed in his bingo hall, giving at first a feeling of professionalism. Expekt the game is easy even for beginners, and the site’s instructions on how to register and transfer the money are clear. Also available are also detailed guides on the different games.

Expekt offers its users great bonuses and promotions. For example, it can go in search of the jackpot every week in the play “chase the spider” (the spider is), or win extra bonuses in chat games. If she puts the money for the first time on its behalf, receives a 10% bonus up to € 150. Every Wednesday receive a complimentary folder every three folders purchased. In addition, the bingo hall can choose different settings that allow you to feel at ease and adjust the game to your needs.

To be honest there is not much to criticize about Expekt Bingo, but if you were to report something, we should indicate the top of the bingo hall, where we see the raceway of the ball and the numbers. This part can be seen moving slightly, but in general the experience with Expekt Bingo is positive.

Unibet Bingo

After being among the first to have offered the possibility of odds and betting, Unibet is inserted in 2006 for the online Bingo. The bingo hall Unibet is both enjoyable and comfortable for the players.

The software, which among other things is distributed by the Parlay Entertainment offers games which of course are appreciated by Swedish Swedish players of bingo on the internet and are offered two types of bingo: Bingo Unibet Bingo and Swedish.

Latter differs from the traditional bingo thanks to the different structures from having to make bingo center, while the Swedish Bingo is the traditional center where it needs 5 numbers per row. Unibet Bingo has a Maltese license (EU), through which the any winnings are tax-free. Unibet is also recorded on the Stockholm stock exchange, but the base is in London. She plays directly with your internet browser and to play with Unibet does not need to download any client. The bingo hall is elegant and in addition to bingo also offers other forms of gambling. An example is the Video Poker, Roulette and Black Jack. Apart from these there are also games which children pass the time. It can also talk to his playmates chat.

Party Bingo

Party Bingo is owned by Party Gaming, which also includes Party Casino and Party Poker. Party Poker is one of the most popular poker rooms in the world and thanks to the experience gained from customers has also gone to great lengths to ensure that bingo players can be good and have fun.

If you consider Party Bingo as one of the most popular online bingo halls, you can say that have succeeded in almost morbid to make nice use of the site by visitors. It can also come in handy the fact that bonuses are very attractive and that she might have a chance to win a trip to the Caribbean. program is in a fairly light and pleasant. The atmosphere is cheerful, easy to use and understand. Some may definitely think that the colors and the bears make the environment pleasant too, but for most users, this is instead a comfortable place to play bingo. As mentioned earlier, Party Bingo belongs to the same group that controls Party Poker, and thanks to the experience gained with the poker, the program is fast, functional and easy to navigate. Party Bingo also offers a version of flash that allows you to not have to install anything on your PC, but you can play directly with your web browser.

Best Bingo

Best Bingo belongs to the network of bingo IBN – International Bingo Network – and offers a very pleasant and easy to use. Best Bingo is a bingo hall with a personal touch, offering a variety of pleasant and offers not only the traditional form of bonuses, but also as special prizes. For example, it can win a “makeover” or a manicure set.

What the Best Bingo ask especially to women is clear enough, but on the other hand is now known that the majority have online bingo players is made just for women. Even the layout, elegant and harmonious, underlines this trend.
Best Bingo is owned by St Minver Lts, which is registered in Gibraltar. The software is distributed by Parlay Entertainment. Best Bingo is available in three languages, Swedish, Norwegian and English, and is an active player on the market of bingo, mainly due to the obvious efforts to ensure that the main attention is focused on the players. She plays directly with your internet browser and to play with Best Bingo does not need to download any client.

Best Bingo is a site for you that is looking for a bingo hall that is at once personal, elegant and educational. Best Bingo has invested heavily on ease of use, which is especially noticeable in the information reported on the various functions of the website. In fact, this is not only about the different versions of bingo, but also the information found in the lobby, as well as promotions and games organized side. With Best Bingo does not have to look for an answer to what you’re looking for: just contact our customer service.

As already mentioned the bonuses are good and Best Bingo organizes various promotions both on a weekly basis than monthly. As the first episode, for example, receive a 100% up to 1250 crowns. There are also several interesting jackpot, unique variations like 10-Ores bingo (bingo from 10 cents) or blixtbingo (bingo flash) and special offers available directly in the chat. Additionally, you must make sure not to miss the forum section, where it can read the interviews with the winners or take a look at the gallery of the players.

Best Bingo does not have many flaws, because the site is professional, stable and secure. However, it may be a defect in the fact that the site talk way too obvious for a female audience. This of course is not at all strange if you think that women are also more representative of the public online bingo players, but for the same reason the male players may choose other alternatives.

Betsson Bingo

Betsson Bingo is one of the latest bingo rooms on the network and was launched in March 2007. Betsson has prepared very well, and has learned from its competitors in order to offer one of the most innovative bingo halls on the internet ever .
With Betsson Bingo does not need to download the program, which, as usual, will only work with the web browser. This makes the game linear, and is not forced to use a single computer, but can play on other computers when they get a chance. Betsson offers many different bingo games with different jackpots and extra rewards.
Betsson Bingo also has experts who can meet in special bingo chat every day at lunch, in the afternoon and in the evening until 20.00. Amongst other things are amazing with the chat games. Betsson This gives a more personal touch, and generates a nice and pleasant feeling throughout the game.