Fall in a duel against Isildur1

Full Tilt Poker, the poker room, the fastest growing, has a very special treat for all true gamers ready. One of the professional players of Full Tilt studied 100 players who want him compete heads up against him.

Sure there is now interest many players as they can qualify for it. For this, you should log into their account from Friday 25 October to take part in one of Bloom 100 Freeroll tournaments. Then, the winner against Viktor Bloom, also known under the name Isildur1 take the match to be at 1,000 to secure his piece $ prize pool.

Now let’s look at the conditions in order to get up to four tickets. Either you make a deposit of at least $ 20, we took first place in a SNG with at least six participants, to get the money in a multi-table tournament or you win at one of the Twitter contests one of the 50 tickets. Those who manage to get hold of a ticket, it will find the next day on his account. This ticket can then be used during the entire action.

With the ticket, it then goes to the flip Bloom 100 freerolls that start every five minutes from 26 October by 14 clock ET. Any player who takes the first place, then competes against Viktor Bloom to a duel. This will then play against five players at the same time. This involves each to $ 1,000.

Who is liable, still has another chance. Then you get a ticket to where Bloom can take $ 100 5,000 freeroll, which will take place on 10 November by 14 clock ET.

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