Full Tilt – fun activities around the new Rush format

In order to properly inaugurate the new format and to provide players with great gameplay with attractive prices, there are plenty of activities around the new game at Full Tilt Poker . The question is naturally Adrenaline Rush Poker, the faster version of the already rapid Rush Poker.

Thus, it is also worth really going into the game, every fan can not keep his share of a prize pool of $ 60,000. Let us now once again the format and most importantly, how you can participate in the action.

Adrenaline Rush there exclusively at Full Tilt Poker . The game is played on Four-handed tables, so that the highest possible game speed is guaranteed. Every time you sit down to the adrenaline rush table, there to experience action-packed game, you collect points which can be viewed on the leaderboard. The blinds be five to ten big blinds after the flop can not be set.

One point is obtained every time, if you manage to kick another player out of the game; That is, when it has no more chips. But be careful, because the opposing player can buy back into the game. Who knocks out several players, each player receives one point. It is worthwhile to risk a little more.

The action takes a total of two weeks, beginning on Monday 20 January; the second week starts on January 27. So there is still plenty of time to watch the game up close. For this, one only has to register here at Full Tilt Poker and make their first deposit; and you can start the action-packed game. Incidentally adrenaline rush can also be played on the mobile platform with Full Tilt Poker. Who it then creates among the first 100 players to secure its share of the fantastic price.

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