Golden August at Golden Palace

Large profits and payouts are always important for the image of a casino. Only so interested players and customers can see that you actually can crack a jackpot. In the anonymous world of the Internet, this is the only reliable source creates the trust. In August, five large profits at the Golden Palace Casino could be distributed.

Four slots were involved in the profits so you do not have to commit to a slot if you want to clear up at the Golden Palace Casino. The biggest payout amounted to more than 381,000 edge, which converted about 36,000 euros means. A South African won this sum the end of August, thus securing No. 1 on the chart for August. She has won this money with the slot machines “Thai Paradise”. So it is very international to the Golden Palace Casino.

The next two gains were made at the “Dolphin Reef” slot. He spat again from 24,650 pounds and then 198 320 edge, ie 19,000 Euro. In South Africa at present not only the weather seems to be good, but also the chances of winning. Dolphins, seahorses and other symbols of the underwater world to help. We went for the Australian Peter Herhieldt, who won over $ 38,000 with the Sparta slot. Julia A then managed with “True Love” still at a considerable profit of 19,000 euros converted.

And so it goes at the Golden Palace Casino. There are many slots and all wait with great win. Did you know that there are different types of slot machines? We have a slot lexicon written for you, with which you can learn about the different types of slot machines.

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