Immortal Romance is now available for the Mobile Air Client

In Microgaming, the major developer of premium casino software, it has been recognized long ago that the mobile gambling is the future. Sure it takes a while until all releases are also playable for the mobile casino, but the team of the company you’re feverishly to put the favorite games of gamers and loyal fans for the mobile platforms.

Among the favorites of players also includes the fantastic slot “Immortal Romance” is finally available for the Mobile Air client. For the first time in the history of virtual gambling Microgaming provides significant improvements in performance in respect of the hardware acceleration, the quality of the graphics and usability.

The game “Immortal Romance” to Mobile Air sets new standards in the field of mobile gambling. The game uses the hardware of the device optimally and directly accesses the graphics processor (GPU), rather than, as is usually the case, on the main processor (CPU) to focus on in order to present the graphics.

In this way it is possible to deliver the game Immortal Romance in the highest HD quality, allowing a unique gaming experience. The playability is incredible. This can normally only achieve at high-end PCs. This is Microgaming a new milestone in the mobile gambling.

Of course, the production manager of Microgaming gave his comment: “We have shown in recent months that Microgaming strives to provide the best mobile gaming solutions. With new monthly releases both in HTML5 technology as well as in the field of Mobile Air Products we have managed to set new standards in the industry in terms of innovation and technology. Therefore, we currently have more than 60 brands to serve the world who use our products for the mobile gambling. This includes over 80 games on all platforms, including HTML5, Mobile Air and Java, which are compatible with über3.000 mobile devices. ”

Now the rich portfolio of mobile games has another great release. Immortal Romance offers the player a immersive slot with beautiful graphics and a rather creepy music in the background. In December 2011, the game was released in the casinos and has become one of the most popular games of the driven by Microgaming platforms.

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