It’s time for the MTOPS at Full Tilt Poker

Today there is a message that specifically addressed to the friends of the poker game. Yesterday we reported about the upcoming event at PokerStars; where we expect the 100milliardste poker hand, which is celebrated in grand style.

But that does not mean that you should turn its attention from the other poker sites, on the contrary. Look therefore times on Full Tilt Poker, because it pays even there to play a few hands. 15 days, there’s plenty of excitement and great gains in the MTOPS (Micro Turbo Online Poker Series). A prize pool of € 2,000,000 is guaranteed.

The great thing is that you do not have to invest a lot in order to grab his share, with only $ 0.55 buy-in you can sit and get started on a total of 75 tournaments to a virtual table.

The games are all performed in Multy-entry tournament format; the way, there is only at Full Tilt. This means that you can skip right several times in his favorite tournament.

But other than money is there to win more attractive prizes. These include cash bonuses of up to $ 500 as well as tickets for the coveted MiniFTOPS Main Event XXIII. In addition, you can obtain exclusive MTOPS article, for example a t-shirt or a MTOPS MTOPS jacket.

The main event takes place on 23 June by 16 clock ET, to which one can register up to eight times. Guaranteed is the fantastic sum of $ 1,000,000. The buy in is only a measly $ 15. There must not think twice about it.

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