Maria Bingo

Maria Bingo is an online bingo site between those with good potential for success in the future. For this reason we invested heavily in market research on this activity and few have lost their campaign in the spring of 2008. Maria Bingo is owned by Parabol LTD who is licensed in the UK.

Maria Bingo offers bingo games since 2006. Recently Maria Bingo was acquired by Unibet so that proves to be serious in the world of bingo.
To play Bingo Maria Bingo does not need to download any client. Instead, can play directly with your web browser. For this reason, if you are a beginner it will be easy to start playing. When you register on the site earns 100 percent bonus. In other words receives 100 kroner more he is putting 100 crowns. The range of betting varies from 70 to 1500 crowns.

If you have just left a bingo site with an environment not particularly pleasant, Maria Bingo is the right place to spend your time playing bingo. Maria Bingo also offers high jackpot, which naturally attract many bingo players. There is no doubt that on Maria Bingo there are lofty goals. Unfortunately, after booting you are experiencing technical difficulties, but despite this, Maria Bingo is a popular choice among bingo players Swedish. Moreover, the fact that Unibet acquired Maria Bingo has certainly contribute to solve some of the problems which were encountered in the past. The purchase also involves a greater investment in the rest of Europe. Another reason for choosing Maria Bingo is that on the site there is much information on how you can start from beginner. Registration and money transfer is fast and when he selected his folder does not have to wait long before you can “enter” the game.
Pleasant, elegant and attractive layout that comes to force the player to use the site. It is also a good short introductions to the games offered and the function Värld Marias (The World of Mary), where a card is shows where the players. The overview on the game you are going to get is a good help for you who seeks the highest payouts and jackpots.

Maria Bingo has many advantages, but at the same time the site is a bit ‘”heavy” and “messy”, especially when you are playing. The ease of use is not right at the top, a factor that contributes to lowering the judgment. It’s as if you had the impression that the layout has got more importance to the ease of use.

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