New video poker game

For a long time it was pretty quiet around the video poker games. Since it was time for Microgaming, the largest and most popular manufacturer of quality casino software to provide fresh air into the dusty video poker portfolio of providers. Just to remind you: In video poker you do not play against the dealer or against other players, but only against the machine and the random number generator. Just the thing for all players who are attached to both slot machines and poker.

There is already much good stuff on Video Poker games in land-based and virtual casinos. Sometimes there are in the real gambling temples also releases that you can not, or perhaps better yet find in the virtual casinos.

Who needs to go to the arcade, because Double Draw Video Poker is the preferred option, may in the future save the path, because soon the game about the QuickFire platform is available.

Now, let us for those players who do not already know this variant, look at the features in more detail. The Double Draw video poker it is important that is already paid off a couple. This then goes to the royal flush.

Double Draw tells us that one can draw twice. However, some conditions must be met to get this attractive features to enjoy. For this, one must first get three of a kind or a full house at the monitor. Then one has the option to draw again. Sure you at this moment is in a quandary, because a full house is in itself not a bad hand. But you can indeed make a try and try to earn a four of a kind.

So we can look forward to the new release, it will now soon be for Quickfire. For video poker fan, it is definitely worth a try.

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