Poker and social networks, a winning combination?

We are all becoming more social. Of course, even the world of green tables is not far behind.

From amateurs to professional players, the poker community is definitely part on the two most popular social networks and popular in the world: let’s talk about Facebook , which has just celebrated its tenth birthday and Twitter , whose tweets are becoming daily more and more fashion frequently.

For large poker, as well as any other sport, having a profile is now virtually a must. Words, phrases, thoughts, comments on wins, new fans and a growing number of followers: a simple post or tweet, and in a few clicks you’re done, the popularity increases and everything becomes available to everyone. Many are the players that even during the major poker tournaments worldwide, including all the WSOP , thanks to social networks update the results in real time and keep fans informed on their performance, with lots of moods included.

But social networks are not roses without thorns: It is important to learn to manage your own virtual image, and not to abuse the ability to comment on anything. It happens almost every day, for example, against journalists and bloggers are flung by poker players, accusations of impartiality; or again, it often happens that you prefer to “wash their dirty linen” on the web rather than within their team membership. Often with unpleasant consequences, controversy and resentment.

But in addition to the two most popular social networks and platforms are dedicated exclusively to poker, where more that professional players can find space enthusiasts and amateur players?

The answer, as you might guess, is yes.

And so Faces Poker , Italian platform created for lovers of sports poker and gaming. As with any social network that respects, there is the possibility to create your own profile, share photos and videos, create groups and thematic blogs, play games, stay up to date on tournaments at the green tables and see them sitting comfortably on the couch at home thanks to the service “live streaming”. And there is even the interaction with Facebook and Twitter .

Another platform is dedicated Family Pot , in which fans of online poker can find bread for their teeth: gaming community, information on where to play, news, tournaments and ongoing curiosity about poker to 360 degrees.

We then acebook , another social network which gives the opportunity to share information about the game, make new friends, to follow the events live and buy tickets to attend a live production of the big tournaments.

We have only mentioned a few of the social network of Italian-born poker in recent years, but of course it is a world wide, even looking “beyond the border”. Faced with this proliferation of networks and online communities, all of us – certainly not just poker players – we must learn to manage the virtual world and not to replace the web in “real life.”

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