Slot machines where it counts the skill

The slot games are games of luck, but there are some versions where the player’s skill has an impact.

Almost all slot machines are built to be pure games of chance. The player usually has no control over the rollers, can not know when it will stop, and the same goes of course for the operators. There is a RNG – Random Number Generator or RNG – that determines the results and odds are the same at every turn.

However, there are some slot machines, very few actually, incorporating elements of skill. How Centipede , Blood Life Legends and Tully’s Treasure Hunt of International Game Technology , or as Bejeweled and Zuma GTECH , games in which a skilled player will be able to increase your chances of winning than poor.


Many of the slot machines in the field believe that the proportion between games of skill and games of chance will grow in favor of the former, As the generations born on Playstation , Xbox and Wii will reach the legal age to gamble. These are players who have not yet obviously an impact on the casino, but the future may want to push the creators of the games to change the trend.

For the moment, developers rely on a kind of hybrid between games of skill and games of chance. Some call them games of skill perceived, while others prefer more direct terms such as ‘illusion of skill’ or ‘game-like d’abilit√†’. The idea is to have the player the feeling of being able to affect the results, even if the end does all the aforementioned Random Number Generator.

For example Skee Ball (Bally Technologies), which was introduced in casinos in 2012. During the bonus, the screen turns into a sort of arcade game where the player must tap and drag the ball to stop by in the various circles: the more the small circle in which stops the ball, the more points you earn.

If the points accumulated during this phase were transformed directly into credits, we’d be talking about a game of skill, since they serve alertness, speed and precision in execution. In fact, the points earned are transformed into virtual ticket, which in turn can make win prizes but they are always determined by the fateful Random Number Generator.

Another game like this is Paradise Fishing , where the player is struggling with some kind of fishing competition in which you must catch the biggest fish. The user actually controls the line and reel, but in reality it is once again the RNG to determine which fish will be caught and even what your going to catch the hook.

As mentioned, even the perceived skill games are a minority in the field of slot machines, although now all operators will offer at least one or two to their customers. However for the moment these games are in greater number than those of pure skill. At least until the next generation of players will they put the controller and pad in the drawer …

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