The 10 most amazing follies in the history of casino

There are those who played all the money at roulette, who became a millionaire at blackjack (and then lose it all), and even those who have made the breast implant!

Would you try never to bet your life savings on a single spin of the wheel? You’d implant a prosthesis in order to win a bet? Would you be willing to challenge a boxer in the ring for a reward equal to 15 times the amount bet? Probably not, but there is someone who really did.

Here you are the 10 most amazing stories that relate to casinos and gambling in general:

1 – Ashley Revell does double-up

Ashley Revell sold everything he owned, he scraped together a total of $ 126,000 and flew to Las Vegas to bet it all on roulette: a single shot to double its assets or going broke. And he won. This is not a plot of a movie, but it happened for real!


2 – “I play the wife!”

Sometimes poker games can take a turn really exaggerated. Ask for confirmation to Andrei Korpov , Russian player not just strong but not even kissed by luck. One day you sit at a poker table and starts to lose: first the money, then the car, then the gold watch, then a bottle of fine vodka. At that point, anyone would have surrendered, not him, so he proposed to Sergey Bordov , his opponent, to accept his wife to bet. You can imagine how it ended up … That’s right, with great dignity Tatiana is gone with Bordov. But when Korpov has returned to claim her, a couple of days later, the woman refused to go home!

3 – Point all the dice

We are in the eighties, when William Bergstrom ran into one of those evenings that seem magical. He sits down at the craps table, begins to grind money and comes to win the beauty of $ 777,000 . Bergstrom, however, make a common mistake among gamblers: it stops. Here begins his descent, until they lose everything. Moral of the story: Better an egg today than a hen tomorrow, especially if the chicken is gone.

4 – The breast implants

Despite earning $ 100,000 , in 1996, agreed to undergo a surgery ‘growing bilateral mastoplastico’. Virtually draws the breast, in fact. Only we’re not talking about a woman, but Brian Zembic , a Canadian professional gambler, a lover of poker, blackjack, backgammon and apparently betting odd: they had proposed to make breasts grow and keep it for a year, and he really did!


5 – The memory of Stu Ungar

Stu Ungar is considered as one of the most talented poker players ever seen, and man of extraordinary memory. It appears that the blackjack rules have changed because of him, because he was able to count cards like no other in the world. In 1997, Bob Stupak challenged him to count all six decks of cards during a game. Well, Ungar is recalled all 156 cards drawn and won $ 100,000 .

6 – ‘The Buried Life’

The four young stars of ‘ The Buried Life ‘, a program of MTV , they attempted to become millionaires going to Vegas and betting $ 125,000 at roulette. Won the first round, but did not stop and decided to continue. Unfortunately for them if they have returned home with empty-handed.

7 – John Hennigan and fever of Las Vegas

John Hennigan is a very well-known among the high roller gambler in Las Vegas. Lover of cards and casino, there is no other place in the world where you feel more at ease than in Sin City. His friends know this and that is why they have bet $ 100,000 that would not resist to live in Des Moines , Iowa, for six weeks. Hennigan has accepted … but after two days he returned to Las Vegas .

8 – Johnny Moss and boxing

Johnny Moss was one of the pioneers of poker Texas Hold’em , but like many of his colleagues also loved the bets. One day, his friends proposed to enter the ring against a guy who claimed to have never lost a boxing match. Moss agrees, tries to hit his opponent, but ends up in the hospital against his will with broken bones. Regrets? ” Absolutely not – Moss told at the time – I certainly could not not accept a bet which I won thanks to 15 times the stake! “.

9 – From rags to riches … and back

This is perhaps the most famous of stories involving blackjack. It is said that a man had remained in green: his wife had left him, he had been kicked out of the house and had only $ 400 of the social. He decided to go to the casino and groped their luck at blackjack. The Lady Luck decided to reward him, saw that the man even managed to win 1 million dollars! Unfortunately for him, the hunger for money rubbed him: he did not stop playing, but began to lose and he found himself back to the green completametne.

10 – Who will win the Super Bowl?

Bob Stupak has also lost $ 100,000 against Stu Ungar , but remade widely when he entered the history of sports betting to win a million dollars betting on the twenty-third edition of the Super Bowl . The Cincinnati Bengals were strafavoriti and no one believed in the victory of the San Francisco 49ers. No one but Stupak, who gambled and saw the 49ers triumph general disbelief.

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