The $ 500K Freeroll Festival of Full Tilt is still

In recent weeks, all eyes were on PokerStars, where you have celebrated the 100milliardste hand. In the context of many exciting events million was distributed to the player community. But with all the joy and excitement of the sister company Full Tilt Poker should not be forgotten that, like a phoenix from the ashes reclaiming his place in the poker world again

In order to win the favor of the fans, puts is on offer at Full Tilt Poker really into stuff. Now runs the way a great action that no one should miss it, because it will be $ 500K distributed in many exciting freeroll tournaments. Anyone can join.

Although the action has been running since June 30, but there is still time until next Sunday to secure his share of the mega-pot. Add to that the possibility of the coveted 25 Full Tilt to earn daily points. These are needed for participation in the daily $ 5K freeroll. On Sunday we will look at $ 200,000.

New in the portfolio, the so-called flip are tournaments. These are tournaments at several tables, where players go all-in, all at once. A real treat for adrenaline junkies. These flip tournaments take place every day at 18:15 ET, just the thing for an exciting evening on the PC, because the flip tournaments it says fast – faster – fastest. This is at 9-Max Multi-Table Tournaments. Since it is automatically in each hand all-in, you can register and leave his place also. The tournament will run on alone and with some luck you have when returning a juicy prize money in the account.

But beyond that Full Tilt offers a lot more. It is not difficult to find out. One should simply register at Full Tilt Poker to be convinced of the great deals themselves.

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