Travel to Las Vegas: The Definitive Guide

Going to Las Vegas today, not just gambling and casino games: there is a whole world to see and discover.

Once upon a time in Las Vegas , the Sin City , known as the Mecca of Gambling. There was and still is, for charity, although now that the name should be a little tight.

And not just because of these times is Macau to have become the new hub of gambling. Above all, Las Vegas has transformed itself over the years, becoming an ideal destination not only for lovers of the game and the excitement, but also for lovers and for families with children.
Here is spoiled for choice. The casinos are the most luxurious of course on the Strip, the main and most popular in Las Vegas. Staying at the Bellagio or the Venetian coast certainly not cheap, even if you actually hotel rooms in Sin City are cheaper than elsewhere, with the same quality and stars. A good compromise may be the MGM Grand, which is right at the beginning of the Strip and that costs a little ‘less of the aforementioned Bellagio and Venetian , but it has little to envy. Do not underestimate the everlasting Caesars Palace , the Luxor , the Wynn and Mandalay Bay .

If you prefer to stay on smaller numbers, the Renaissance Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Platinum are what it does for you: it’s cheap, the hotels are clean, but forget about the movement because they are not very close to the Strip. In general, the hotel away from the center of Las Vegas among other things, do not have a casino, or they have one rather small.
Too easy to cite the casinos and strip clubs: know them all. But in Las Vegas you can do much more than play and admire the ‘girlie’. Shopping, for example, has become one of the main activities: all the most famous hotel-casinos provide an area for shopping, where you can find everything and more. Otherwise there are two large shopping centers, located at the ends of the Strip, full of shops selling clothes, souvenirs, electronics and so on and so forth.

In Las Vegas, among other things, has been recently built the tallest Ferris wheel in the world. It’s called High Roller and was hoisted in front of Caesars Palace: 167.6 meters high, 2.7 more than the Singapore Flyer (the now former tallest Ferris wheel in the world) and even 30 more than the London Eye . If you love numbers and cabal, we also recommend reading this article on the numbers luckiest casino .


Even at the level of entertainment and music, Las Vegas is now a very popular destination. From the show of David Copperfield at the concerts of the world’s favorite pop star ( Britney Spears , for example, will be the main attraction for the end of 2014), not to mention sporting events like boxing matches or wrestling.

The inevitable visit to the fountains of the Bellagio, a spectacle of 1,200 fountains and 4,700 lights. By the way, if you have $ 250,000 to ‘throw’ – it’s appropriate to say it – you will have the honor of button mashing to kick off the show of the Bellagio fountains, even outside of normal business hours.
Inevitably, though, when someone mentions Las Vegas in our heads appear images of casinos, roulette, blackjack, slot machines and so on and so forth. On the other hand, the Sin City is no longer the center of the gambling world, but it certainly remains of America: in 2013, the gambling halls of Nevada have created a turnover of $ 6.5 billion, more than double the second biggest market of the USA , to Atlantic City .

Las Vegas, ultimately, is the Land of Toys . Although sometimes even in those parts run into some flop, despite the experience that can boast in the casino market. Such as Noir Card of ‘ MGM Grand , a card targeted at players spenders but adds little or nothing to what the high rollers can already find elsewhere. The Noir Card, in fact, offers services obsolete type transfer via limousine to and from the airport (the legendary McCarran ) – what they do even strip clubs – or restaurant reservations, accommodation and free shows: all bonuses seen in many other casinos.

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