When cleared Video Poker

Normally cleared it big at the slot machines; but in July, the fans could of video poker are enjoying great profits at Roxy Palace Casino. On 9 July, some players were able to enjoy the great and innovative variants of video poker a fat profit. The player Lionel V managed to get the machine “Jacks or Better”, one of the most popular video poker machines to elicit the sum of $ 8,256.

Also, the player Richard D had on 9 of the month at the vending machine “Joker Poker” right good luck, because he had, after a few rounds whopping € 3,775 on his account. In contrast to “Jacks or Better” is “Joker Poker” played with 53 cards. This additional card is the Joker, as it gives an idea of ​​the name of the game. Apart from the Royal Flush, the Joker complement all profitable combinations. However, there are due to the additional opportunities through the Joker until two kings a payout.

But this is the list of winners not the end; the highest profit was able to win at the vending machine “Double Double Poker” the player Nora P. She took after her match with € 10,970 home. Sure, the profit is not as startling as the sum, which can be obtained on the slots; but is played with much lower stakes. “Double Double Poker” is almost like the beliete automat “Jacks or Better”. The difference is the payoffs at the quadruplets.

But the win over € 4,775 should mention one that has been made by the player Eric M. He played at the vending machine “Deuces Wild” and can now look forward to a full checkout for the next holiday.

Once again the great games from the Microgaming have proven that they not only provide a lot of tension and Kurzweil at play, but also for great profits.

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