Wimbledon’s Centre Court was evacuated after the close of play this evening

Wimbledon being evacuated

Wimbledon being evacuated

Wimbledon’s Centre Court was evacuated after the close of play on Wednesday evening.

An announcement was made over the public address system requesting that anyone remaining inside the building should immediately leave.

A further announcement was made requesting that anyone on the tea lawn between Gates 4 and 5 should also evacuate.

There was no obvious indication of a fire inside Centre Court.

Minutes later, everyone within the All England Club grounds were ordered to leave immediately, with security staff conducting a swift evacuation.

There had been an earlier reported incident on Court One which tournament officials said was a drill.

Staff including ball boys and ball girls waited outside the gates as details of the latest incident remained unclear. Media were allowed to stay in the grounds, in the confines of the press centre, adjacent to Centre Court.

A spokesman for Wimbledon said: "The cause of the evacuation was not immediately clear, amid suggestions it may have been caused by an electrical fault."

That was unconfirmed, however, with officials keeping an open mind.

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