Dragon and Tiger bets

This article shares some easy Dragon Tiger strategies like card counting, opting for Dragon and Tiger bets, and suit-based tricks to influence your winning fortune.

Have you ever heard of the gambling game naming Dragon Tiger? Perhaps, there’s no other gambling game easier than playing online Dragon Tiger. To win, you only need appropriately guess which hand from Dragon and Tiger holds the highest value card. Then, choose your preference between Dragon, Tiger, and Tie. Afterward, two cards will be dealt on Dragon and Tiger. On correctly choosing Dragon or Tiger having the highest cards, indeed, you will win. And, even if both of their card value matches with each other, you will win if you chose the Tie option.

However, some expert strategies, which we will be enlightening in the following section, can also be applied to win. However, never forget to wager on this game through reliable and profitable sites like dclub77

  • Choosing Dragon or Tiger is More Lucrative than Ties

Dragon and Tiger – both of these hands are subjects of even money payouts on winning. Winning with a tie bet or suited tie bet will indeed bring with much more significant amounts. But the fact you have to remember is these two betting hands also contain minimum house edge. Hence, while playing the game, shun from wagering on the tie bets most of the time.

  • Know about the Strategy of Card Counting

If you are inclined towards counting the cards, you can employ this strategy to be distant from unfortunate drawings. There’s no need to stare at the cards being dealt without shutting your eyelids or having errorless mathematical skills. It’s convenient enough to track the number of higher and lower cards as a lesser number of cards get used in the game. For example, track how many sevens are coming because if a card of seven appears, you can lose the bet. Thus, you can follow and avoid unfortunate sevens to increase your stack of winnings.

  • The Strategy Based on Suits

This is yet another method of identifying the highest dealt suit. Calculate how many suit cards the game encompasses along with the number of used decks to help.  Upon doing so, you will be able to discern the suits that have been arrived for maximum times. Thus, you can easily wager on the suit cards that have been played least.

  • Stop Following Patterns

Have you noticed the Dragon card appearing four times in a row? If you consider that the sixth time will bring the same card again, you need to reconsider your thought. Every hand of this game is twined with the same amount of odds. Hence, you can forget everything that happens in a round, right after it concludes.

Dragon Tiger in Notion Conclusion

These tricks and strategies are practical and surely bring sweeter results if you stick with them for a considerable amount of time. Of course, initial losses can happen, but that doesn’t mean the strategies you are applying are useless. However, before everything, know about the gaming rules precisely and play a few free rounds before opting for real money wagers.


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