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No doubt, there are many casino games which inspire the players in quenching the excitement level. Among such games, the baccarat online is one which a majority of the players love to play.

Baccarat Online

The card games have become more popular with the James Bond playing the Baccarat or other casino games in the popular Hollywood movies. There are many variants of the game like the North American or Punto Banco version or the Chemmy which is also referred to as Chemin de Fer variant. In addition, the different version of Deux tableaux or baccarat banque variant, which is also popular. What is heartening to the new players is that the games are available in the free demo mode for the player to practice before venturing into playing with the real money.

Basics of Baccarat

The game has simple basic rules and with some numeracy skills, you will walk away with some decent prize money. The objective is to get the total of the cards as close to 9, which is the highest value. The cards have the face value from 2 to 9 with 0 value for all the 10s and face cards while the Ace card carries the value of 1. The sum of the value of the cards exceeds 9, you need to reduce 10 to keep the sum to a single-digit.

You can play the game with Banker or a maximum of 14 players. You can, therefore, bet on the Banker or the other player too. The outcome ultimately results is three scenarios; you win or Lose or the Tie.

If the sum value of the two cards dealt is either 8 or 9, this is a ‘natural’ win. Otherwise, you can draw further cards to test your luck if the total of the first two cards is less than 6. The pre-determined rules for the player and the dealer decide when to draw the third or subsequent cards.


Everyone desires to be Togel-smart!! The exciting Togel game once confined to the players of Asia, and Far East Asian countries has crossed the borders and is now among some of the popular games of the West as well.

No doubt, while playing the online, the precaution you should take is to ensure that the website is legit and reliable like the Mandiri 188. There are many spurious and fake sites, which attract the gullible players and ultimately prove to be dubious websites. Another important point to remember is to choose a reliable and honest agent who supports the player in the winnings.

You should remember that the 3 numbers (3D) and 4 numbers (4D) are becoming more popular than the traditional two digits (2D). With a view to bringing more excitement and thrill to the game, there are many formulations.

There are free online Togel games available for the novice player to practice without spending a cent till he gains the confidence. You can start playing with the real money once you are conversant with the rules and other required skills of the game.


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