Poker mistakes

Here are some wrong approaches in pokergalaxy that might make you look like a loser. Don’t do these mistakes in poker anymore.

Back in the days there were two types of poker players – good and bad ones. It was in the times when poker used to be available only in official ground casinos or in secret, not allowed to all lovers and enthusiasts, rooms. But today things are not the same, because we have websites like pokergalaxy – the online poker rooms and entire casinos with poker games that welcome all of you, no matter what you are and who you are.

Regardless of this change, we can still claim that even nowadays poker players are still whether bad or good. The number one rule not to be a bad poker player, guys, is being able to track your mistakes. If you have no ability for such an improvement approach for your skills, better drop that thing and start playing something else, slots for instance…

There, on the other side, so bad mistakes many people cannot track in their activity, that let them look like…total idiots. We are talking about serious mistakes and such that you don’t even deserve to be forgiven for.

Check out some of them, guys:

  • The assumption of a win face is the wrong face. It doesn’t even matter if someone will see you and will immediately change the strategy against you. Assuming that you will win is a bad thing even for online poker activity. You need to be sure that you will win or you need to act according to your doubts without giving up. In most cases it’s folding, which, by the way, doesn’t make you a loser, but a practical guy.
  • Making poker too funny. Having fun is a must. Whether you are playing poker, slot machines, Baccarat or roulette. It doesn’t actually matter. Gambling is after all a part of the entertainment industry, right? However, never forget that poker is a serious game. It takes fast thinking and what’s more important it takes clear mind. Fun in the casino shouldn’t suggest drinking. Especially if you are playing poker!
  • It’s an idiot-like mistake to spend your entire money on the first round of the game. We don’t forbid you to play the all in button. We say that no matter how confident you are for your hand – the first at the table – you just don’t have to do that. According to the poker gurus it’s a sign of a novice who cannot control his emotions yet. And you know what’s happening with the novices and the least skillful players at the table. They get hunted first.

These three mistakes in poker are crucial to be understood and then, never repeated again. Try to avoid them and mainly try to realize what they don’t suit the good poker player’s activity.


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