Video Poker games – best practices

Video Poker game

Do you like cards gambling? If so, we’ll explain why you should choose poker games (and especially video poker). You are going to understand the main differences between live mode and playing against a machine, strategies to make enormous amount of money and some pro tips that are going to assist you during the game.

How to play?

If you’ve played poker you probably know the most important strategy which is to play fewer hands. Well, that will be a huge mistake as we are talking about video poker – you need to play something we will call slow hands. That means everything must happen leisurely, slowly and well thought out.

Try to forget about the bad habit to wager fast – it definitely is not going to be helpful. Most of the noobs (and actually all really experienced players) often are not following that fundamental plan which can cause serious damages. So, that was something you needed to know before starting with the game rules.

Game conception

When playing video poker, there are 2 players – you and the system. No more irritating and real players and annoying dealers, timers and stressing situations. Right from the beginning of the game you will notice not everything depends on luck – without playing skills it is impossible to take a profit.


Video poker uses 52 cards. Firstly, you need to bet some money and then press the button DEAL and start the game. Immediately after this, five cards will appear – that are your cards which can bring you tons of profits. Anyway, we still cannot think for profits – let’s concentrate.

Smartly choose some useless cards and then get rid of them – then these cards will be randomly replaced with others. Of course, do this following the main rule – play as slow as possible!

How to win the game?

At the end you’ll need to have flush, straight, two pairs or a royal flush. Otherwise – you lose the game and receive nothing. But let’s imagine you’ve just won with a royal flush – that means everything is yours (you win the jackpot). If you have the other card combination such as straight you are going to earn a percentage from the jackpot which is always descripted before you start playing.

Where to play video poker games?

Hesitating where to play video poker? Well, we have an answer for you!

Join Jetwin – the most trusted bitcoin casino USA ever. You receive a welcome bonus of $65 when registering and the ability to choose from dozens of video poker games. As we have already mentioned – it operates with crypto currencies like Bitcoin and Dash which makes the game even more incredible.

Some tips to finish

One more tip before we finish the article:

Try not to wager with real money at the beginning – in most of the online casinos you can play in a demo mode. Choose your favorite game, research the methods and select a strategy. After that, you may start betting.

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