Full guide to betting odds

See the odd types in lao88gold. Read our full guide about the different types of betting odds you can find in a bookmaker today.

Whether you bet on any popular sport discipline like football and tennis, or you prefer less famous, but very profitable sport types like horse races and handball, the odds represent the core of your gambling activity. The odds are those numbers that calculate your potential win in case of a successful prediction. The odd is to be more specific the time you multiple your bet amount to receive the final outcome from a winning bet. The good bookies offer good odds. The bad bookmakers make everything possible to compensate the lack of fine odds with generous bonuses and etc. But it never works. The odds are the top important numbers in betting.

It’s important to mention that goods odds might be provided by experienced and newbies on the market. For instance, you are offered with quite amazing odds in lao88gold. There are excellent odds in bookmakers with poor service portfolio, too. Usually, the odd level in a betting company depends on the company’s possibility to buy markets from the sport betting industry.

What type of betting odds do we know?

There are several betting odds you will meet on the global gambling market. Reading them correctly is a must to make your final prediction and betting strategy correctly. Here’s our guide to follow and get done with the task to understand the basic betting odds today.

About fractional odds

The fractional odds are represented this way: 5/2, 2/1 and etc. They are very popular for the market in the Great Britain. Note, though that lots of international bookies like lao88gold even though being registered in Asia or somewhere else, can also provide fractional odds. These bookies tend to attract more English customers or simply have a system that modifies the odd format.

Decimal odds – the most popular odds

About 80% of the betting lovers today, claim they prefer to use decimal odds even if being fully aware of all the odd formats. The decimal odds are introduced this way: 1.20, 2.50 and etc. They basically show you the bet stake your will get in addition to your bet amount in return.

American odds – the odds for the American punters, of course

If you are an American punter, you might demand on odds in American style format. If you are not based in America, but want to place bets in a website with American odds, have no worries. You will easily get used to them as these odds are not so special or weird at all. The American odds are written this way: -400, +300 and etc. The minus symbol shows the amount of money you should bet in order to win a certain fixed amount of money. On the other side, the plus shows you how much you can earn by making a certain fixed bet amount.

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