If you’re a fan of blackjack, then you’ll know that there are many tips and tricks that you can utilize to improve your game. Two important considerations to make are the importance of 10s within the pack and the increasing access to blackjack switch; a game which offers a number of advantages to players and high payouts.

The importance of 10s

Whilst you may think that lower value cards can often be of great help in blackjack, allowing you to get to 21 with less risk, 10s have a huge importance in the game. In the standard pack of 52 cards, there are 16 cards with the value of 10 because in addition to the actual 10 value, jacks, queens and kings are also worth this amount. This means that there is a 31per cent chance that a 10 will be received on the initial dealing, with the odds only increasing as the pack becomes smaller. Understanding the importance of this chance can result in huge strategy changes to help you excel in your winnings.

Devising a simple strategy

The simplest strategy using this knowledge is using the two player’s options of taking a hit or standing. Using the assumption that the next card to be dealt will be worth 10, players with a hand of 11 or less should always take a hit, or miss out on the opportunity to reach 21. For values of 12 or over, you may choose to stand as, continuing on the assumption that you’ll be dealt a 10, it will result in you going bust. However, at this time you can consider the dealers cards, making specific choices to help your decision.

Dealer cards

A dealer has to continue taking a hit until a value of 17 is held. This means that if a dealer has a value of between two and six on the face up card, you can assume that they’ll take another hit of 10. This will take the hand to between 12 and 16, resulting in another hit being taken. Continuing with the assumption that a ten is gained, dealers will go bust and you will win if you made the decision to stand at 12. However, if the card up value of the dealer’s card is between 7 or 11, then you should take the risk and take a hit. Assuming the dealer receives another 10, they’ll have a hand between 17 and 21; possibly a winning score. Taking another card could provide a trump score for you and, unless you already have 17 or more, could be crucial in wining the round.

Using Blackjack Switch as an alternative

If you’re a blackjack enthusiast, then turning to blackjack switch on occasion could offer the benefit of staying fresh and ready to play your best games rather than resting on your laurels. This unusual variant is now readily available online, and you’ll be able to place two wagers and be dealt two hands as the rounds progress. Dealing occurs as normal, but before you start to take hits or decide to stand, there is the chance to switch. At this point, the second cards dealt can be interchanged between the hands, making each hand stronger and offering the possibility of double winnings.

Blackjack Switch strategy

There are two additional aspects of strategy which can be used if you want to take advantage of the switch variation. An important consideration to make is whether a switch should be made at all, as simply doing it because it’s offered is not always the best move. Meanwhile, there’s also the regular blackjack consideration to make on when to hit or stand for each of the two hands.

Advantages of the switch move

If you’re playing blackjack switch, then having the ability to swap cards between your hands has a distinct advantage to the traditional game. Even if you can’t get both hands looking great, you can carefully choose the switch as to favor one hand and give yourself the best opportunity possible to win your round against the dealer. However, this means that there have been some slight rule changes which you must take into consideration if you want to play this popular blackjack variation.

Blackjack Switch rule tweaks

One of the most obvious changes for blackjack switch is that blackjack no longer pays 2 to 1, but even money. This is because you have an increased ability to create a winning hand, resulting in the payback not being so great. Meanwhile, whilst you bust at 22, the dealer pushes, offering a slight advantage to dealers taking hits when they have a higher hand value.

Additional side bet

Not only does blackjack switch offer hand changes, but the offering of the Super Match side bet. This bet allows you to make additional winnings on your first four dealt cards, giving a pair even money, three of a kind 3 to 1 and two pairs 8 to 1. Finally, if you get four of a kind, then you’ll get the lucrative 40 to 1 win. The Super Match wager is completely voluntary and you must take into consideration the house edge of 2.5per cent before you play. Such an edge is far higher than the average 0.6per cent edge given to blackjack switch, so it’s advisable to only use the extra bet on occasion and not utilize it as a regular occurrence. However, with payouts of up to 40 to 1, it can be very lucrative should you win.

Blackjack gaming

Playing blackjack can be both entertaining and financially rewarding if you get the aspects of your strategy right. Whether you’re playing the traditional game or are opting for the blackjack switch variant, knowing the betting types and having a general strategy in place is vital if you’re not to go in and play blindfolded. And, by understanding the importance of 10s in a pack, and opting to play variations of blackjack to offer more winning possibilities, you can really push your blackjack career in a positive direction.


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