Roulette remains one of the world’s most popular games. There are many different varieties of roulette, and whilst the base game is easy enough to play, there are some important distinctions that must be observed between different takes on this traditional game if players want to utilize either Expert Roulette or Premium Roulette Pro.

WagerWorks Expert Roulette

One of WagerWorks leading forms of roulette is the casino’s Expert Roulette which offers all of the top features which roulette is renowned for, with a few additional extras. One of the leading bug bears of online roulette are the ways in which bets are placed, and Expert Roulette offers a convenient way to make placing wagers more simple and accessible for all.

Roulette wager history feature

Roulette is one game where a previous result has absolutely no bearing on the next. However, this doesn’t stop players from creating detailed and meticulous accounts of betting and result data. This means that most online roulette providers have developed some form of history feature for players to take advantage of, and Expert Roulette is one game which offers one of the most concise and easy to use historical features. Expert History, WagerWorks roulette game offers details on the previous 250 spins, offering players access to information such as how many times a number was called or the proportion of even money bets, such as red or black, that were placed.

One great extra attraction is that Expert Roulette allows wagering from the Expert History itself, meaning that players don’t have to hop from one screen to another, but can simply check the history and place immediate wagers. There are also Hot Numbers and Cold Numbers, which indicate the most and least called six figures in the past 250 spins, allowing players to make more informed wagering choices. A quick bet placement can be achieved by clicking the links which automatically place one coin on the six Hot or Cold numbers which have been highlighted.

Accelerator bets

Another popular and unique feature in Expert Roulette is the area of accelerator bets. Instead of players having to individually place their coins across the roulette wheel, gamblers can click and drag the curser to highlight specific areas. So long as numbers are continuous, a string of bets in any pattern can be placed with the drag and drop feature, speeding up game play and allowing even distribution of wagers. However, practice should be undertaken with this option as it can take several attempts for players to get the exact bets that they want to make.

Four additional betting patterns

In addition to the traditional roulette betting patterns, Expert Roulette also offers four more; Black Splits, Red Splits, Black Dragon and Red Dragon. The wagers are easily placed as WagerWorks has offered easy click buttons, instantly dividing chips across the desired layout. Whilst the Black Splits covers two horizontal black splits and five vertical splits, the Red Splits covers four vertical red split pairs. Meanwhile, the Black Dragon covers two vertical splits and nine single splits, creating the form of a dragon, whilst the Red Dragon uses 12 single red numbers to create a similar dragon pattern.

Playtech’s Premium Roulette Pro

WagerWorks isn’t the only casino to offer its own form of roulette, and software provider Playtech has developed its own twist on the traditional game; Premium Roulette Pro. One of eight variations developed by Playtech, Premium Roulette Pro is often thought of as the most advanced, and offers a range of additional features for players to advantage of. Using a three dimensional display, gamblers will find it easy to double existing wagers using the Double button, whilst the Re-bet & Spin option allows for a quick betting method to save time having to place bets again.

Call bets

Premium Roulette Pro provides call bets and clearly displays the racetrack view on the player’s computer screen in addition to the normal roulette layout. This racetrack makes placing call bets far simpler than using the regular wheel format, and with the cursor placed on the racetrack also highlighting the appropriate segment on the wheel, the extra visualization can aid many players.

Voisins du Zero

Premium Roulette Pro provides all five call bet types, and offers a one click method for gamblers to easily distribute their chips onto the wheel. The Voisins du Zero call bet uses 17 numbers to place nine chips between split bets, triplet bets and corner bets. As is expected with the call bet name, all 17 numbers are placed on the wheel between 22 and 25 and are neighbors of zero.

Tier Bet

In the Tier bet, six chips are placed in a split format across 12 numbers. Clicking on the racetrack in the Tier bet area will instantly place chips and offer final payout of 2 to 1.

Orphelins Bet

For Orphelins bets, players will note one chip placed on number one, and four chips utilized as split bets across seven numbers. This results in the Voisins due Zero, Tier and Orphelins bets covering all of the numbers of the wheel, providing a great opportunity for players to maximize their chances of winnings.

Final bet and Neighbors bet

The final two call bets made available through Premium Roulette Pro are those of the Final bet and Neighbors bet. For the final bet, players have to choose an ending number between 0 and nine. The bet will then cover all the numbers ending with this, meaning that for a player choosing five, the Final bet will cover 5, 15, 25 and 35. If any numbers win with their one chip, the payout is similar to a straight bet. Finally, the Neighbors bet sees one chip placed upon a centre number and its two adjacent numbers on the racetrack view.

Utilizing roulette variations

Once players have become used to traditional roulette options, take the time to find variations on the title can offer some great enjoyment. And, with a number of casinos offering great additional features and extras, there can be some lucrative opportunities available.


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