You may have heard about Domino QQ, or just kiu kiu. This is a really popular casino game in Indonesia (nowadays, it is becoming quite famous worldwide). It is perfect for players that are not familiar with poker (yes, it is a kind of poker game but still easy to play if you know the main rules) and also for gamblers who want to make a change in their money making methods.

If you want to be in the mainstream of gambling, continue reading this article


Introduction to the „West poker“ and domino games

Of course, when we talk about poker we discuss money and wagering. And that’s why I am going to emphasize on the most successful kiu kiu strategies rather than just explaining the rules in a tedious way.  However, we cannot pass without the gameplay so let me list and quickly go through the basics:

  • There are 28 double-six dominoes

(if you are new to domino games, let me explain what does it mean. This is something like a main configuration when we talk about this kind of games – in this set the number of tiles vary from blanc to six. If you have ever played a domino game, you’ve probably noticed this numbering)

  • You place a high or low bet – that, of course, can vary and this depends on the game so we cannot talk about a specific amount of money.
  • After the wagering is finished, the dealer is going to enter the game. He will give 3 domino cards to each player on the table.
  • When you see your cards, there’s still a chance to win if anything is not okay. You will have the opportunity to make a change in your bet (if course, only to increase it) or just to keep the cards and wait.

Actually everything that is different from the original poker is listed above.

Useful betting strategies

Reading that part of the article will make you a gambling expert. Here I am going to list some information that is not available in the most websites related to betting.

Choose the best casino for you

There are casino games for almost every person on this planet. That is something we should be happy about but making decision in this world of huge diversity is usually harder than expected. Here is one recommendation – the best online casino is one of the most popular online casino providers when we talk about Asia. However, this online casino have ambitions to grow and stay at the top when it comes to online gambling worldwide. There you can play various of online poker games, domino games like our favorite QQ and many more. You know, I don’t like to use words like BEST but in this case it’s absolutely the best decision.

You can register absolutely free and fund your account with amount that is fine for you. Also, the top-up system is made really simple, easy to understand and of course – everything happens unbelievably fast.


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