Online slots have become big business, and you’re now able to easily log onto internet casinos and play many of your favorite titles from the comfort of your own home. Whilst playing slots is largely out of your control and the winning combinations are generated randomly, there are several ways in which you can increase the chances of making positive gains rather than losing all of your money.

Payout Percentage Explained

Paying attention to online payout percentages is one area where you can really maximize your money. This figure allows you to have a clear vision of the average payout that you’ll get over a long period of time for every $100 that is wagered. Therefore, the closer to 100% this number is, the better, as the higher the percentage, the less money you’re likely to loose.

Whilst you may actively seek out payout percentages when playing online slots, not all casinos make their numbers immediately available. Meanwhile, the payout can vary between game niches, meaning that the 95per cent payout mentioned on a website could relate to a table game and not an online slot. However, you can easily remedy this by creating your own estimates so that you can establish what to play, and where you should play it.

Mathematically Calculating Payout Percentage

The first main method of estimating payout percentages is by using mathematical calculations. Whilst this is easily done in games such as roulette, trying to calculate the possibility of winning in online slots is far harder. The vast number of symbol combinations makes calculating payout percentages yourself, near to impossible. However, there are computer simulations that can be used to help find the payout possibilities and predictions for online slots. However, these need to be used consistently throughout gameplay; a fact that can actually limit your enjoyment of a game as you will always be referring to another piece of software.

Using the ‘Play for Fun’ Option

One of the simplest ways is to gather percentage payouts from online casinos and only play at establishments where numbers are clearly marked for the titles that you want to play. Normally, a payout percentage should be between 94per cent and 96per cent, offering good returns for your money. A nice way to try out a simple simulation is to use an online slot’s ‘play for fun’ mode with the auto play feature turned on. You can then use your initial and finish balances, the number of spins and the total bet placed to help calculate a payout percentage for individual titles. However, accuracy can be low because you’ll need to make at least 1,000 spins before your calculated percentages begin to near their true levels.

Using Bonus Bets

If you are too confused or can’t be bothered with the hassle of calculating your own payout percentages, another good area to concentrate on is bonus bets. Traditionally, whatever the wager amount you choose to play with, all features of online slots, apart from the possibility of entering the progressive payouts, were open to you. However, a number of newer slots have created an additional feature where you can use bonus bets to increase your wager and unlock hidden features held within the game.

Increased Wagering Requirements Unlock New Features

Cryptologic’s branded DC Comics slots are one group of games which use this feature in particular, offering those who bet more the chance to unlock hidden bonus rounds that those playing with smaller amounts will never get to experience. If you select to play on all 50 paylines, you’ll have the chance to wager with an additional 10 credits. This means that, if you’re playing with $1 per payline, your normal $50 will be increased to $60. There is a huge advantage to this if you want to get extra bonus screens to help you get higher payouts and, if you don’t use the extra bet at all, some bonuses will be completely unobtainable for you.

Do Bonus Bets Work?

One of the questions you’ll have to ask yourself before starting to play on slots that have this extra bet feature available is if it’s worth paying the extra money for the bonus opportunity. If you’re new to the game, it may be advisable to get to grips with the main features first before you start wagering larger sums. In addition, if the slot title already has a 95per cent return for example, is it worth playing with the extra bet in an attempt to raise the percentage payout? Often, it is not.

If you play at Cryptologic, you’ll find that their Bonus Bet feature requires an extra 20per cent to be wagered. It does not guarantee that the extra bonus feature will be unlocked. All it does is allow the possibility for the extra features to be triggered by your gaming. Meanwhile, WagerWorks requires players to increase their wager by 100per cent to get the extra features. However, winning combinations are increased to 1024 possibilities, creating much more likelihood that you could win.

Increasing Odds with Online Slots

Playing online slots ultimately is a game of luck as you’ll never be able to predict exactly how the symbols will land. Unlike many table games, where some amount of skill can help you win, slots use random combinations to offer payouts. However, there are steps that you can take to ensure that you safeguard your money, try and make wagers payout more, and increase your chances of winning. This is normally in respect to how you control your bankroll, including taking advantage of promotions to get more credit and ensuring that you cash in on deals. Playing at casinos which have the best payout percentages is crucial if you want to ensure that you don’t lose out over your period of gaming, whilst bonus bets can unlock fun and lucrative features to make more money. However, you should always remember that symbol combinations themselves are out of your hands, and that you will need to take the losses alongside the wins.


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