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Looking for a game of online poker? IDN Poker is the best platform in Asia.

IDN Poker has revolutionized the online gaming scene in Asia. The company is almost a decade old. It started as a gaming site based in Indonesia. Poker, lottery, sports betting and regional versions of gambling games were hosted in real time and people from various countries in Asia and Southeast Asia could partake. The network expanded at a breakneck pace. It is currently the largest such network in Asia. People from China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines flock to the sites in the network every day and play poker games.

It should be noted that gambling, both offline and online, is illegal in many of these countries, including China and Thailand. IDN Poker is not based in either of these countries. It is presently headquartered in Manila. The Philippines has not outlawed online gambling. Hence, if you are playing IDN poker from anywhere in Asia, you are not exactly breaching any code or violating any law. Of course, you can use virtual private networks to play games at IDN Poker. The skins and mirror sites in the network also use virtual private networks to remain operational in countries that constantly crackdown on the platforms.

IDN Poker is exclusively for Asians. Only those players who have an account in an Asian bank can sign up, create a profile and start playing. All transactions are in Indonesian Rupiah. The other currencies in Asia are converted as per the prevailing foreign exchange rates. Those who have accounts with payment gateways and apps capable of routing money through Asian banks, wallets and other mediums can sign up for a profile, regardless of where they are based. One of major reasons why IDN poker has become so popular and not just in Asia but beyond as well is the vast array of games that can be played with very little cash. The minimum bets are miniscule if you consider the value of blinds on sites hosted in the west. Even the maximum bets are at times more reasonable than the big blinds on western poker sites.

IDN Poker is also a state of the art network. The online poker games are varyingly different from the traditional versions. There are cool features available for certain games that have a range of functionalities. These features and their functions can be used by players in real time to gain an edge over the fellow bettors.

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